Independence or Dependence?

National independence, safety & security. Daily celebrations! Without them, how would we cope?

Senior independence, senior security & safety. Daily celebrations? For some, yes. For many others, it is a dream. In some situations, this dream can become a reality with a bit of guidance and support from a family member. In other situations, this dream needs more to materialize because physical or mental illness impacts the daily routines that make up our lives. Consistent assistance with personal care, mobility, safety oversight, medication reminders, meal preparation and companionship are the daily essentials that can mean the difference between independence and dependency.

Professional caregivers provide care in a way that allows the individual to be cared for, while at the same time allowing him or her to feel independent. Everyone has tasks that he or she can perform regardless of their level of care. For one, it might mean to help fold dish towels; for another, it can mean reading off a recipe; for yet another, it can mean lower body dressing. Each person can feel independent in a certain area of their daily routine with the help of a trained caregiver. CareBuilders at Home provides this level of expertise with our team of professional caregivers.

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