Virtual Caregiver

Cutting-Edge Virtual Caregiver Services

At CareBuilders at Home of Oakland County, one of our priorities is combating senior isolation and depression. The tried-and-true way to fight senior loneliness is to provide older adults with daily engagement, but for many families, it may be challenging to visit your loved one as often as you’d like. That’s where our new virtual caregiver comes in! Thanks to our innovative virtual care platform, we connect Southeast Michigan seniors to their friends, family, and CareBuilders care team with just the touch of a button.

How the Virtual Caregiver Works

Our virtual caregiver is a great option for Oakland County seniors who need more attention but can still live independently.

CareBuilders has created a virtual care platform that connects to your or your loved one’s TV and is operated with a universal voice-activated remote. Families can use our mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices) to connect with their loved ones from anywhere. 

Our virtual care platform can:

  • Send and receive video calls

  • Send and receive text messages using voice-to-text

  • Share photos and videos

  • Receive live video from your mobile device

  • Connect voice-to-voice with CareBuilders when assistance is needed

The core of our virtual caregiver are daily 15-minute check in and chat calls. Usually, we’ll connect through the virtual care platform, but we can also call on the phone. These daily calls give our team a window into our clients’ lives and helps us monitor for changes that may impact their overall health. During these chats, we’ll ask them about their day and remind them to take their medication. Interacting with a friendly voice every day makes a world of difference for seniors living alone.

Choose the Package That’s Right for You

We offer a range of virtual caregiver packages to suit your needs or those of a senior loved one.

A la carte services

Our a la carte personal care and housekeeping services can be added to any existing package for an additional cost. Services may include:

  • Personal care visit: A CareBuilders caregiver will stop by for a 60-minute visit to assist with personal hygiene activities, including bathing, grooming, shaving, dressing, and dental care.

  • Housekeeping visit: We’ll come to your home for a two-hour visit, during which time we’ll assist with housekeeping tasks that may be more challenging to older people or those experiencing illness. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, assistance with laundry, changing bedclothes, cleaning and disinfecting areas around the house, and removing expired food from the refrigerator. If you have a specific task in mind, just ask!

All-inclusive package

Our all-inclusive package includes all of the features available in the personal care package, as well as one two-hour housekeeping visit to assist clients with laundry and light housekeeping.  

Connect With Senior Loved Ones Anytime, Anywhere

With CareBuilders at Home’s senior virtual caregiver and virtual care platform, you can feel confident that you or a senior loved one will never go without engagement, interaction, and the care that they need. Fill out our online form or call your Oakland County CareBuilders team to learn more.