When it comes to home care franchises, support at the local level can be the difference between a business that just pays the bills and one that truly excels in the home care field. That’s why, when you franchise with CareBuilders at Home, you receive industry-leading support across every aspect of your business.

From the initial training that helps you manage your franchise and recruit your caregivers, all the way to the back-office support that helps keep you focused on the day-to-day operations of your business, local support is a key component of the CareBuilders at Home franchise model. Here are just a few of the ways we support our franchise partners at the local level.

Initial Training

You’ll start your journey as a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner by receiving exceptional training in every aspect of managing your business. This training helps you understand your unique market and the needs of seniors and other clients in your local area. It also covers networking tactics to help you find clients and recruitment best practices to help you find the most qualified and compassionate caregivers.

Your home care franchise will put you in contact with a wide variety of individuals within your local community, including clients, their families, industry professionals, and more. Having the initial training to navigate these relationships is critical to creating a strong strategy for local development.

Territory Selection

Another important consideration in your local strategy is choosing the best territory for your CareBuilders at Home franchise. Our team will help you examine your local area, analyze demographics and average household income, and determine where your home care franchise is most likely to thrive.

With CareBuilders at Home, you’ll gain the largest exclusive territory in the home care franchising industry, giving you a prime opportunity to make a real difference in your local area. Defining your territory, and helping you understand the unique needs and nuances of your market, are key to supporting you at the local level.

Local Relationships

Your CareBuilders at Home franchise will also receive support from local area developers and nearby franchise partners. At CareBuilders at Home, we’ve created an entire network of franchise owners who inspire each other to make their individual businesses the best they can be.

Corporate Back-Office Support

Running your CareBuilders at Home franchise requires placing your attention on the local needs of your clients and your caregivers. To help you stay focused on what really matters in your home care franchise, we provide complete back-office support for you.

This back-office support covers payroll, collections, IT, HR, and much more, taking the stress of paperwork off your shoulders so you can assist your clients and their loved ones in their times of need. This is one of the most important ways our corporate team helps you at the local level and it’s unique to CareBuilders at Home.

As you consider starting your own home care franchise with CareBuilders at Home, remember the difference you’ll be able to make in your local community and how important it is to have the local support you need to stay focused on that mission. With CareBuilders at Home, you’ll have the initial training and ongoing support you need to give your clients the care they deserve and build the business you’ve always wanted. Get started today by reaching out to the CareBuilders at Home franchise development team for more information.