Available Territories

Helping People in Your Area is Easy with CareBuilders at Home

The need for a quality home care franchise exists in every market. Wherever you are, you can find people that could use an extra hand around the house or a little help getting through their day.

We take a multitude of factors into account while helping you find the perfect market for your home care franchise, including demographics and household income, and we’re here to help you learn about your local area, so you can meet all of its unique home care needs.

The Largest Exclusive Territories

One of the many benefits of franchising with CareBuilders at Home is the number of available territories. With CareBuilders at Home, you can enjoy your own protected territory, which helps you become the go-to home care franchise in your area. We look for local markets with at least 35,000 senior citizens which gives you the largest exclusive territory of any franchise system in the industry.

We’ll Show You How to Put Clients First

Our clients, and their care, are the reason we’re all in the business in the first place. Our comprehensive training will help you understanding and appreciate the needs of the diverse groups we serve, allowing you to connect with your clients wherever they happen to be.

We’re committed to every one of our franchise partners, their caregivers, and especially their clients. That’s why we’ve created the CareBuilders at Home system – to ensure everyone in this industry is well-prepared to make the most of their opportunities.

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