Training & Support

Our Training Takes You Where You Need to Go

Your CareBuilders at Home training is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the senior care business and the industry-leading CareBuilders at Home model. Our comprehensive training will take you from industry beginner to home care expert in no time. When you open a CareBuilders at Home franchise, you’ll be fully prepared to hit the ground running.

Getting Started

From the moment you become one of our franchise partners, we’ll start working with you to help you achieve your dreams.

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Getting you up to speed on the industry is the first step toward building your senior care business.

We start with preliminary franchise training sessions that include:

  • A thorough review of our training manual
  • Licensing education and assistance

  • Market & Industry Training

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Robust Sales Training by referral source

  • Marketing Training

  • Public Relations Support

  • Risk Management and Compliance Training

  • Networking strategies

The How-Tos of Home Care

In-depth sessions cover everything you need to know about the CareBuilders at Home model and what it means to own a CareBuilders at Home franchise, including elements like:

  • How to recruit  and retain quality caregivers

  • How to perform a client assessment

  • Case studies and role play
  • Care Management

  • How to market your business
  • Financial and operational benchmarks

  • Data-driven results tracking

  • As well as operational procedures and software training

  • How to stand out from the competition with revenue generating brand programs

    • Virtual Caregiver
    • Personal Assistant Services 
    • Brain & Body Builders Program
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The time you spend working closely with our training team will help you develop short-term and long-term goals to keep your senior care business on track.

Ongoing Support Means You’re Never Alone

CareBuilders at Home is the only franchise system in the home care industry that provides complete back office assistance to our franchise partners.

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Our Caregiver Training Resources and Partnerships

CareBuilders at Home has received the distinguished 2023 Best of Home Care – Leader in Training Award from HCP. The Leader in Training Award recognizes home care businesses that consistently provide an outstanding level of staff education. As a Leader in Training, CareBuilders at Home is now recognized among the top 25% of home care providers participating in the nationwide HCP Training Program.

This accomplishment demonstrates CareBuilders’ long-term dedication to excellent care and employment. To qualify for this award, CareBuilders implemented HCP Training to provide specialized education for their caregivers.

The Best of Home Care – Leader in Training Award highlights the top-performing home care businesses in the nation. HCP believes that by honoring these providers, families looking for in-home care for a loved one will be able to recognize and choose a trusted home care provider.

What does that mean for you?
  • We significantly reduce the upfront capital needed to operate your agency by funding your caregiver payroll and taxes upfront.
  • We help you get up and running faster by assisting with state specific licensing and compliance.

  • We make running your agency more efficient by processing all billing and collections for your private pay, Medicaid, VA, and long-term care insurance contracts.

  • Our national contracts with various insurance providers, such as the VA, Veterans Care Coordination, Medicaid, and various LTC insurance policies provide the opportunity to expedite revenue generation. These contracts vary by state, so be sure to check on your local requirements.

  • We reduce your risk for your caregivers through our general liability and workers compensation insurance policy.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the many advantages of franchising with CareBuilders at Home.

Whether you personally know someone who’s been helped by an in-home caregiver or you just want to run a business that creates generational wealth for your family while also making a difference in the lives of others, a home care franchise may be the right opportunity for you.

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