Location plays a huge role in the success of any business. That’s why CareBuilders at Home continuously analyzes cities and metropolitan areas to determine whether they can properly support a CareBuilders at Home franchise. Find out if your city has what it takes to be a home care franchise hot spot.

People Age Everywhere

We often think of places like Florida as ideal markets for those in the senior care industry. Yet, people in Pennsylvania, Texas and Illinois age, too. Don’t they deserve the best available home care? You can provide top-tier care to seniors in almost any geographic region when you franchise with CareBuilders at Home. Our team of franchise development representatives will work with you to determine the perfect franchise territory for you, your goals and your plans for growth. CareBuilders at Home franchises provide care for universal needs: all of us, no matter our location, deserve to age with dignity.

An Above-Average Population of 65+

For the United States as a whole, individuals 65 and older make up about 16.5% of the population. As a home care franchise, CareBuilders at Home primarily serves seniors. That is why we are looking to grow in communities that have a higher-than-average population of senior citizens.

CareBuilders at Home has identified particular cities and metropolitan areas that have the 65+ population required to support a home care business, but we know that you are the expert on your specific area. Our team of franchise professionals are excited to hear why your city has what it takes to support a CareBuilders at Home franchise.

CareBuilders at Home Target Areas

There is no single factor that CareBuilders at Home uses to determine which markets are franchise hot spots. We look at the total population, the number of seniors, the strength of the local healthcare system and the opportunity to learn from CareBuilders at Home area developers.

Chicago Area

CareBuilders at Home recognizes Chicago and its suburbs have the population to support several CareBuilders at Home territories. If you call the Windy City home, or if you just recognize the business opportunity it possesses, consider franchising with CareBuilders at Home.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth, also known as the DFW, is home to more than seven million residents and hundreds of thousands of seniors. CareBuilders at Home is looking for caring leaders to take advantage of the DFW opportunity using their passion for people and knowledge of the market.

East Bay, CA

Are you a Bay Area pro? If so, you can use your market know-how to build your CareBuilders at Home franchise. We are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to expand CareBuilders at Home’s footprint in the East Bay.

Houston Area

The CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunities in Texas are almost as big as the state itself. The Houston area has the medical infrastructure and population to be a home base for several CareBuilders at Home territories.


The City of Brotherly love holds a lot of possibility for home care franchises. In fact, it’s one of the markets where CareBuilders at Home has an area developer looking for franchise partners, like you, who are interested in growth and mentorship.

If you are interested in franchising in one of our hot spots, or you want to discuss the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunities in another area, we encourage you to reach out to our team for more information.