The home care industry has greatly changed in recent years due to a variety of factors. As a society, we’re living longer, and that means more and more people will require home care every year. Additionally, healthcare related costs have resulted in home care often being the most affordable option over nursing homes or other facilities.

All these factors have contributed to significant growth in the home care industry, as well as senior care franchising, and CareBuilders at Home has experienced that growth firsthand. Let’s look at these factors in more depth to see how CareBuilders at Home is taking on the challenge of increased demand in senior care franchising.

The Senior Population is On the Rise

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of seniors will soon overtake the number of younger citizens. That means more people will need home care and more opportunities will be available for senior care franchise owners. This will be the first time in U.S. history that older adults have outnumbered younger, and it will likely happen sooner that many people may think.

Projected Number of Children and Older Adults

The responsibility for caring for the increasingly large number of seniors will often fall on their children and grandchildren. Many lack the necessary training, experience and time to properly care for their aging loved ones. They’ll increasingly turn to senior care franchises like CareBuilders at Home, and our franchise partners will answer the call.

This is one of the many reasons it’s a good time to own a senior care franchise. As the senior population rises, so will the demand for knowledgeable, compassionate senior care franchise owners.

Healthcare Costs Are Also Rising

Another important metric that’s rapidly on the rise is healthcare spending, and seniors make up a significant portion of that expenditure. With healthcare, especially hospitalizations and nursing home facilities, costing more and more these days, many seniors and their loved ones are turning to home care to meet their needs.

US Seniors Account for the Largest Portion of Healthcare SpendingThrough home care, seniors and others in need are able to receive personal attention and compassionate care while staying in their homes. That’s extremely desirable for many people these days and senior care franchises are feeling the benefits of that increased demand.

By providing high-quality, compassionate care, without the need for expensive facilities, home care is often the smart choice for clients, and CareBuilders at Home is the smart choice for franchise partners who want to be a part of the growing senior care franchise industry.

Everyone Can Benefit from Home Care

As the senior care industry grows to meet the increasing demand for home care services, CareBuilders at Home is maintaining our role as a leader in the industry. We’re looking toward the future of senior care franchising, meeting the needs of our clients through outstanding, compassionate care, and helping our franchise partners achieve their goals through complete back-office support.

For seniors who need care, want to stay in their homes or don’t have the resources for lengthy hospital stays, the growth of the senior care franchise industry is a godsend. For our franchise partners, the CareBuilders at Home model is a powerful opportunity. Together, they create profound growth potential for everyone involved in the senior care franchise industry. When you’re ready to be a part of that growth, get in touch with us to learn more about franchising with CareBuilders at Home.