As you consider investing in a CareBuilders at Home franchise, we want you to have a full picture of this senior care franchise opportunity. That’s why we’re telling you what ownership is really like—and why it’s a great choice.

Take Control of Your Own Career—and Life

CareBuilders at Home is looking for franchise partners who have a strong desire to grow with the brand. But you, the CareBuilders at Home owner, will determine what that growth looks like. You will be in control of it. Maybe, your goal is to be the largest senior care franchise in your city or town. Or, you could decide that once you become a home care business pro, you would like to invest in more CareBuilders at Home franchises. This franchise opportunity has everything you need to grow within the brand, but you will be in control of that growth.

Having a steady hand on your business will empower you to take charge outside of the office as well. Business owners don’t have to ask permission to scale back their workloads—it will be up to you. Business owners don’t have to wait a certain amount of time to retire—it will be up to you. Business owners don’t have to live by someone else’s timetable—it will be up to you.

Setting Your Own Hours

While for some, setting your own hours can seem like a small perk, CareBuilders at Home franchise partners will surely tell you it makes all the difference. If you are coming to CareBuilders at Home from the corporate world, you are probably used to your schedule being dictated by a company. But as a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner, you will be in charge of your daily schedule.

Setting your own schedule gives you the freedom to run your franchise effectively; maybe you spend part of your day in the office reviewing caregiver applications and then spend part of your day in the field, connecting with potential clients. Additionally, the freedom to set your own hours allows you to more fully enjoy life outside of the office. Once you own a Carebuilders at Home, you are done asking permission to leave early for a Little League game or change your start time to accommodate school drop-off. Setting your own hours allows you to have more freedom both in your career and your personal life.

Building a Legacy for Your Family

While there are many positives to being a home care business owner, it does involve a lot determination, grit and hard work. The upside is that you will be building your own legacy, for you and your family, instead of working to line a corporation’s pockets. Your CareBuilders at Home franchise will be a great accomplishment for you, but it can be so much more. Maybe your children or relatives will not take over your home care business when you retire, but you will instill in them entrepreneurial values for life. One of the many rewards of owning a CareBuilders at Home franchise is the positive impact it can have for your loved ones.

If you are ready to be a franchise partner, we encourage you to reach out to the CareBuilders at Home franchise development team for more information.