We’ve been in the home care business a long time. We’ve seen the industry change and expand, and we’ve changed along with it. But through it all, we’ve remained true to our roots of helping our clients remain in their homes and live their lives with dignity, and our goal of helping our franchise partners build strong, rewarding businesses for themselves.

To give you more information about our franchise system, and our extensive experience in the home care business, we want to share a bit of our history with you. We’ve been proud to take a leading role in the senior care business for decades, and we’re excited for where our history is taking us next.

It All Started with Two Brothers in New York

CareBuilders at Home got our start more than 30 years ago when Stephen and David Savitsky founded a home care company. They saw the huge potential of this industry and how many people in their community were in desperate need of quality, compassionate in-home care. They knew they could make a real difference and they decided to act.

They created a home care business that raised the standard for compassionate care. Sure, things have changed along the way, like a new name and a sister brand in the healthcare franchising field, but we’ve never compromised our mission to provide outstanding care to our clients and their loved ones.

Elevating the Home Care Industry

Throughout our history in home care franchising, we’ve made several innovations which have helped us stay ahead of others in the industry, and we’ve developed a franchise system that supports our franchise partners like no one else.

Unlike others in the industry, we provide complete back-office support to our franchise partners. We were the first in the industry to provide this level of assistance to our franchise partners. We’ve been committed to providing exceptional support from day one because we’ve always understood that supporting our franchise partners is the best way to help them provide outstanding care to clients—and that’s what the senior care business is all about.

Where We Are Today

Even as the industry and the country continue to change, CareBuilders at Home has remained an integral part of many people’s lives, offering compassionate care to people in need. The demand for home care services has consistently grown as more and more people realize they need a little extra help to get by, and we’re committed to meeting that growing demand head on.

Through exceptional ongoing support and a dedication to our original mission, we’re expanding our franchise system, adding even more outstanding franchise partners to our family, and bringing the CareBuilders at Home ideals to more people around the nation.

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how critical home care can be, and we know how important it is to have exceptional franchise partners in as many territories as possible. When you’re ready to own a home care business, and start a history of compassionate care for yourself, get in touch with us. We’re ready to help you create your home care business today.