Starting a business in the senior care industry has never been more appealing. The need for non-medical, skilled care is in high demand because Americans are living much longer than ever before and choosing to “age in place” at home. The senior care industry is known for being one of the most recession-resistant industries.

Before you open a senior home care business on your own, you should consider the advantages of franchising one.

Brand Recognition

People tend to trust brands that have name recognition — brands they know, have heard of before, or come recommended by friends and family. As an independent business owner, you will be required to build recognition and figure out ways to get your brand name in the marketplace. A benefit of franchising with an established home care agency is that the brand name is already well-known, which can put you on an accelerated path to profitability by bringing in customers and prospective employees from day one.

No Experience Necessary

Imagine baking a cake for the first time without a recipe? Now imagine opening a business in an industry in which you have no experience. It would present a significant learning curve. One of the benefits of franchising is no experience is required. Franchisors offer comprehensive training programs designed to provide new franchisees with the tools, strategies, and knowledge needed to develop and grow a successful senior care franchise.

Low Risk

One of the bigger advantages of franchising is the ability to get funding more easily than independent businesses. Franchises are considered a sounder investment than an independent business because they have the support and backing of an already established company, the franchisor. Franchising offers a business model that has been proven to be effective. Financial institutions deem franchises as safer bets as opposed to new businesses that have not yet had the opportunity to build a history.

Turnkey Business

When you open an independent senior care business from the ground up, you start with a blank slate. There is no user manual to follow. Every move and decision will be based on trial and error. A benefit of franchising is that the business is practically turnkey and ready for you to begin operation as soon as you have possession. Marketing and extensive training are all provided for you — ensuring that once you are set up, your business will run smoothly. In many cases, even websites and social media platforms are included with a turnkey franchise. Compared to starting an independent business from scratch, a turnkey franchise usually involves less start-up time and less risk.

Advantages of Franchising with CareBuilders at Home

Home care is a rapidly growing industry, and choosing the right franchise partner can set you up with a strong foundation for success. CareBuilders at Home offers the highest level of support and care for our franchise owners. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing assistance to all our partners.

CareBuilders at Home is the only home care franchise in the industry that provides complete back-office assistance to franchise owners. This includes handling payroll and taxes as well as billing and collections from clients, which allows franchise owners to concentrate on the core business.

If you think CareBuilders at Home might be the partner you’ve been searching for, contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities.