Every business owner wants their company to be successful. So, they focus on the things they think will drive that success, such as exemplary customer service and quality products. But these days, those things are not enough. That’s where company culture comes into play.

Company culture is part of a major movement in the United States. It is more than just the philosophy of how a company treats its clients. It reaches within an organization where employees feel valued. A culture of caring can impact many essential aspects of the business that chooses to treat its people well, including the bottom line.

Consider this. Studies show that a culture of caring leads to less worker turnover, heightened attentiveness to customer relations, and higher profitability for the business. Work shouldn’t just be about a paycheck. It’s crucial for employees to find a certain level of happiness and fulfillment at work.

Creating a Culture of Care

Respect and compassion are at the heart of the culture of caring in the workplace. With small changes, morale can improve, employee retention increases, and turnover-associated costs decline.

Here are some ideas to create a culture of care in the workplace.

Engage and Interact

Get to know your employees. Hold one-on-one meetings to see how people are doing and check in with employees to find out how they feel their skills are best leveraged in the present circumstances.

Be Relatable

Employees will align themselves with those who can understand and empathize with them. Therefore, leadership should be approachable and relatable.

Rewards and Recognition

Let employees know they are part of a team and treat them accordingly. Make them feel valued. A happier employee is a loyal employee. Give people the opportunity to make a positive impact on the company and reward them for it. This can make the difference between paying someone to work for your company or them wanting to work for your company.

Professional Development

Stagnation can make for unhappy employees. Find out how your staff wants to grow within the company and help them achieve those goals. There are plenty of budget-friendly learning options such as cross-training, staff shadowing, online courses, or in-house projects to build out your professional development program.

The CareBuilders at Home Culture

Since home care is based on caring for other people, it makes sense for a home care business to care for its employees. CareBuilders at Home knows doing good is good business. We’ve created a culture of care within our business model that benefits our franchise owners, and ultimately, their staff.

Caregivers employed by a CareBuilders at Home franchise are W-2 employees. We offer a living wage and health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision. We provide recognition programs so employees know how much they are valued. We also work with employees to plan their own schedules. This flexibility goes a long way in worker retention since lack of flexibility is one reason healthcare workers leave jobs. All of these benefits uplift employees and allow them to better care for themselves and our clients.

CareBuilders also provides franchise owners with payroll support, tax preparation, and insurance assistance – all of which will help retain caregiver staff — an unprecedented perk in the home care industry.

The built-in culture of care at CareBuilders at Home makes us one of the best franchise opportunities in the United States. Are you ready to build a rewarding business that values its clients and its employees?

Contact us today and take your first step to becoming a CareBuilders at Home franchise owner.