If you plan to enter the lucrative and rewarding senior care industry, you might wonder how to get clients for a non-medical home care business. The first thing you should know is that the client pool is large and growing bigger by the day. The demographics don’t lie. America is aging at a rapid pace. Statistics suggest the number of people aged 65 and older in the U.S. is expected to hit 95 million by 2060, bringing the group’s share of the total population to 23%. Most of these older Americans want to stay in their homes and live independently for as long as possible – and they’ll do it with the help of a home care agency.

The opportunity is there, now you just have to take it. Here are some ideas to get clients for a non-medical home care business.

Make Your Business Searchable  

Establish an online presence. You can do this with a dedicated website supported by various social media platforms such as Facebook. When people need to find information about products or services, they usually start with a google search. In fact, 97% of internet users search online to find information about a business or service.

Build Your Referral Chain

Partner with complementary businesses such as assisted living facilities, rehab centers, or hospice agencies. There’s often a gap in non-medical personal care that your agency could fill.

Connect with care coordinators at local hospitals and get your business included on their list of discharge providers.

Get Involved in the Community

Another way to get clients for your non-medical home care business is to expand your presence in the community you service. Many people are unaware that home care is an option for their loved ones, and this exposure will give you the opportunity educate them about your business and the service it provides – potentially increasing your client base. You can do this by volunteering at – or sponsoring – local events, such as Alzheimer’s Walks, local health fairs, and other community charities.

Lead-Generation Sites

List your home care agency on a third-party referral site like Caring.com and SeniorAdvisor.com. Many people turn to these sites to begin researching care options in their area. This is one option for these potential clients to discover your non-medical home care business. There is a fee involved with these sites, and it’s usually tied into the amount of leads generated for your agency.

Customer Referrals

Once you have established clientele, ask them for referrals. Your current and past clients are the best sources to get new clients. You can even offer incentives in the form of a service discount to current clients in exchange for referrals that turn into new clients.

Old-Fashioned Advertising

Consider placing ads in the local newspaper. 25% of U.S. adults 65 and over still get their news from the printed newspaper rather than online. Check to see if there are any senior-focused publications in your area, such as printed newsletters and magazines, and place ads in those periodicals too.

Learn More about CareBuilders at Home Franchises

Finding clients for a non-medical home care business can be challenging when you’re just starting out and nobody is familiar with your name or services. This is especially true for independent home care agencies.

One of the big benefits of partnering with a franchise like CareBuilders at Home is that it comes with brand recognition, thanks to the power of national marketing campaigns. Even if you’re opening the first location of a franchise in new area, it’s more likely potential clients will already be familiar with the brand.

CareBuilders at Home also ensures that your agency is located in a territory with a large senior population. Our territories are built around 35,000+ seniors (65 and older). In addition to the age demographics, we also evaluate household income data in building your protected territory – this guarantees you’ll have a large pool of clients who can afford to pay for your services.

To learn more about how CareBuilders at Home can make a difference in your dream of owning a home care business, fill out our contact form so we can give you more information.