The home care sector has been growing rapidly thanks to the aging of baby boomer generation. The result is a rising demand for in-home care franchises.

Between a flourishing industry, the ability to make a positive impact on your community and build a business you can feel good about, there are many reasons to start an in-home care franchise. But which one?

Here is a quick look at how a Right at Home franchise compares to a CareBuilders at Home franchise.

             Right at Home       CareBuilders at Home
Franchise Fee $49,500 $44,500
Cash Requirement $150,000 $150,000
Term of Agreement 10 years 10 years
No. of Units 663 15
Year Franchised 1995 2012
Training 90 Hours 92 Hours
Territory Customer Base 30,000 35,000

Startup Costs and Fees

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the basic startup fees needed to open a Right at Home franchise versus a CareBuilders at Home franchise. The franchise fee for a CareBuilders at Home franchise is slightly lower, while the cash requirement for both business opportunities is identical. However, there is more than meets the eye in this comparison of two in-home care franchises.

Franchise Availability

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Right at Home bills itself as an international franchise. The company has more than 600 locations throughout the U.S. and across eight countries. With such a large presence in the U.S., potential franchise owners will find it more difficult to secure a prime territory.

CareBuilders at Home, which is headquartered in North New Hyde Park, New York, is an emerging franchise that nevertheless has decades of experience and a deep connection to the in-home care industry.

The company’s roots trace back more than 35 years when David and Stephen Savitsky founded their first home care business, which grew to one of the largest franchise providers in the country at that time. After that business was sold off, the brothers continued on in the healthcare sector with ATC Healthcare, an industry-leading medical staffing franchise system.

The Savitskys missed the personal touch of the home care industry. Their years away from the industry gave them a new, clearer perspective on the evolution and future trajectory of home care and the changes needed to help franchise owners succeed while giving families the quality home care they so desperately desired. As a result, the brothers established CareBuilders at Home — the only privately — owned, family-owned franchise organizations in the home care space.

CareBuilders at Home  currently has 15 franchise locations and plenty of availability in prime locations in highly populated and desirable markets, which is critical for any in-home care franchise.

Territory Customer Base

A Right at Home franchise provides new owners with a designated territory that consists of a collection of zip codes including approximately 15,000–30,000 people over the age of 65.

CareBuilders at Home gives franchise owners territories with an estimated population of 35,000 senior citizens — which is the largest exclusive territory of any franchise system in the industry. This may be another advantage of joining an emerging franchise with plenty of room to grow.

Training and Support

Like any franchise systems, both Right at Home and CareBuilders at Home have comparable training programs in place to set up franchise owners for success. Right at Home provides 90 hours of training, which includes instructor-led education and self-paced online training. Similarly, the CareBuilders at Home training program prepares franchise owners with 92 hours of education that includes a combination of classroom training and on-the-job learning.

The Right at Home business model has supply purchase agreements for insurance, payroll services, and background checks, which means the franchise owner will pay a reduced rate to these recommended providers. The cost of these services is not included in the monthly fees the franchise owner is expected to pay the franchisor.

CareBuilders at Home, on the other hand, has a unique approach to back-office support for our franchise owners. Ours is the only in-home care franchise that provides complete back-office assistance as part of the franchise agreement and monthly fees. This industry-distinguishing benefit from CareBuilders at Home takes time-consuming responsibilities — such as payroll and taxes as well as billing and collections — out of the hands of the franchise owners so they can concentrate on the core business.


According to the Right at Home franchise website, potential franchise owners must have previous management experience in order to be considered for a franchise.

In contrast, no business experience is necessary to become a CareBuilders at Home franchise owner. Through the company’s extensive training and education programs outlined above are designed to turn franchise owners from industry beginner to home care expert. The added benefit of reduced back-office responsibilities takes even more pressure off franchise owners.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Since Right at Home is so much larger, it stands to reason their startup costs would be somewhat lower. But as you may have gathered from the information above, the bigger franchise isn’t always the better franchise. Carebuilders at Home allows you to gain immediate access to our experienced franchise leadership in a way you never could with a system approaching 700 units. At CareBuilders at Home, your voice will be loud enough to be heard and counted. You’ll be able to weigh in on the company direction and growth strategy. You’ll be able to make a difference on every level – from corporate to community.

Get Started

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*Information gathered from 2022 Right at Home FDD