Are you passionate about helping older adults lead fulfilling lives? Does the idea of making a difference in the lives of seniors resonate with you? There are a few options in the field of senior care that can be rewarding and lucrative. A career in social work with a focus on elder care could be a perfect fit for you. These social workers specialize in the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults. Let’s explore some options you may have working with older populations in your community.

The Need for Elder Care and Social Work

There are many alternative careers for social workers that can harness care and passion with a financial gain. A geriatric social worker helps enhance the overall well-being and quality of life for seniors. This can include assistance with anxiety and depression, isolation, and more. The demand for senior care and geriatric services continues to rise each year. The U.S. Census Bureau reports by 2030, all baby boomers will be 65 or older, flooding the industry with people who need compassionate care. The aging population is creating a demand for workers and more businesses to supply the needed care.

Jobs in Elder Care

Any type of social work, including for elderly adults, is a career for someone with compassion. Let’s take a look at some job opportunities within the industry.

  • Aging care coordinator: Aging care coordinators work closely with seniors and their families to create comprehensive care plans tailored to individual needs. They assist in accessing healthcare services, coordinating medical appointments, and ensuring that seniors receive the support they require. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average hourly wage for a senior care coordinator is $33 an hour. Doctor’s offices, hospitals, certain non-profits, and senior living facilities may employ aging care coordinators.
  • Assisted living social worker: Assisted living communities often employ social workers to provide emotional support and counseling to residents. As moving into an assisted living facility might be a large change, social workers can aid with the transition. They also help seniors with community resources. ZipRecruiter also reports social workers at assisted living facilities, on average, make about the same as aging care coordinators.
  • Hospice social worker: Hospice social workers offer support to individuals facing life-limiting illnesses and their families. They provide emotional counseling, assist with end-of-life decisions, and ensure patients receive compassionate end-of-life care.

Combining Passion with Entrepreneurship

While pursuing a career in geriatric social work is incredibly fulfilling, you might also dream of owning your own business. Owning a business that provides care can be equally fulfilling and more financially rewarding. You can have the best of both worlds by combining your passion for social work with entrepreneurship. IBISWorld estimated that the elderly and disabled services industry was worth more than $64 billion in 2023. As more folks age up in the U.S., the greater demand there is for a host of elder care services.

Many older Americans want to stay in their homes as long as possible and maintain their dignity within their space. An in-home care franchise can be the perfect business opportunity to provide those comforts to seniors in your area.

Benefits of Running a Successful In-Home Care Business:

There are many advantages to owning an in-home care business. Below are some of the top perks:

  • Be your own boss: You’ll have the independence to make important decisions and run your business the way you envision.
  • Financially stable venture: Beyond the personal satisfaction of helping others, owning a home care franchise can be financially rewarding. The aging population ensures a steady demand for home care services, making it a potentially lucrative business opportunity.
  • Fulfill your passion: You’ll play a vital role in ensuring older adults receive the care and support they need to age gracefully and comfortably in their own homes.
  • Impact lives: Just like in social work, your home care franchise will make a positive impact on the lives of seniors and their families. You’ll be there to lend a helping hand, provide companionship, and improve the overall well-being of your clients.

Take the Leap with CareBuilders at Home

Geriatric social work doesn’t have to be limited to traditional roles. By becoming a CareBuilders at Home franchisee, you’ll have the chance to turn your passion into a thriving business that makes a difference in your community. With a CareBuilders at Home franchise, you can embark on a fulfilling journey where you make a positive impact on the lives of older adults while enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship. In addition to providing an avenue for compassionate business ownership, we provide our franchisees with:

  • Pre-training that lasts 3-6 weeks
  • 4-day training at our corporate headquarters
  • Ongoing support that includes help with payroll and taxes

Discover the possibilities that await when you partner with CareBuilders at Home. Request information today to get started.