The senior care industry is booming, making it a great time to get into the business. The home healthcare market, according to data from Grand View Research, is likely to grow at a CAGR of almost 8% from 2023 to 2030. Jumping into the business can be a lucrative endeavor, but to keep patients, clients, staff and businesses safe, the home healthcare industry usually requires certain licenses and documentation. A license for non-medical home care services may also be required. Let’s break down what you need to get started in this budding industry and where you can find help.

Why Choose Non-Medical Home Care

Typically, there are two types of home medical care businesses—medical and non-medical. Each has its own benefits and positives. The aging population is growing rapidly, and more seniors are opting to age in the comfort of their own homes. This demographic shift has created a soaring demand for non-medical home care services.

  • Medical home care is administered by medical professionals and includes services such as wound care, medication dispensing and more. Medical home care businesses may require more licenses, documentation, specific hiring practices and regulations. Rightfully so, this industry is heavily regulated to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Non-medical care is administered by trained caregivers or other professionals. Non-medical home care agencies help with daily tasks, companionship, and personalized care plans for seniors and others who need a helping hand but do not require medical attention.

The First Step: Research and Planning

If you’re looking at how to start a home care business, it’s a good idea to do your own thorough research to see what your state may require from you. Start by understanding the specific requirements of your state, as what is needed for a license for non-medical home care can vary significantly from one location to another. Both federal and state laws govern home healthcare agencies and businesses.

Understanding Licensing Requirements

It’s always best to do research into your state’s regulations and requirements. To operate a non-medical home care agency, you will typically need the following licenses and documentation, in addition to others your area may require:

  1. Business License: This is a basic requirement for any business, including non-medical home care agencies. A business license allows you to legally operate within your jurisdiction.
  2. State Home Care License: Many states require agencies to obtain a state-specific home care license. This license demonstrates your agency’s compliance with state regulations. This varies widely between states.
  3. Local Permits: Depending on your location, you may need additional local permits or licenses, in addition to the state and county requirements. Always check with your local government to ensure compliance.
  4. Certifications: Some states may require a certification for non-medical home care agencies. Check with your local agencies to see what is required.

Navigating the Licensing Process with CareBuilders at Home

The process of obtaining a license for non-medical home care can be intricate, involving paperwork, inspections, and compliance with state-specific regulations. Luckily, as a franchisee with CareBuilders at Home, we help you navigate what can be a complex and overwhelming experience. We’re looking for compassionate entrepreneurs looking to make a difference.

As a CareBuilders at Home franchisee, you’ll benefit from a proven business model and a team of experts who will guide you through the licensing process. We provide comprehensive support, including assistance with licensing and compliance. With our established reputation and knowledge of the industry, you can access the tools and resources needed to fast-track your agency’s licensing and start delivering essential care services to your community. We also help conduct research to ensure your area can support a healthy and growing business.

If you’re ready to start your entrepreneurial dream by giving compassionate care to your community? Request information to get started with CareBuilders at Home today and explore franchise opportunities.