How to Build Healthy Habits

April 7, 2024|0 Comments

We all know that it can be difficult for caregivers or really anyone with a demanding job to take care of themselves. Today I'd like to talk about some simple ways to build healthy habits[...]

World Health Day 2024

April 6, 2024|0 Comments

Today is World Health Day, and the theme this year is "My health, my right." According to the World Health Organization, the theme is supposed to focus on the barriers to public health access that[...]

Spring with CareBuilders!

March 31, 2024|0 Comments

Spring has sprung here at the CareBuilders office. Here's a few things to keep in mind as the months get warmer. Landscape design of home garden, landscaping with flowers and stone retaining walls in[...]

My Favorite Nutrient-Dense Snacks

March 24, 2024|0 Comments

March is National Nutrition Month, so while we are on the topic, I'd love to talk about some of my favorite nutrient-dense snacks. As I've talked about before, I don't like to moralize food, so[...]

Match a Caregiver and a Client

March 12, 2024|0 Comments

We as an agency work hard to match our clients with caregivers. When clients sign up for services with us, we talk with them about their needs and goals for care, and try to send[...]

How Caregivers Can Help with Nutrition

March 3, 2024|0 Comments

In my last post, I talked about how caregivers can help with running errands. This week, I want to talk about another aspect of care that gets often overlooked: nutrition. Now, our caregivers are not[...]

Running Errands With a Caregiver

February 18, 2024|1 Comment

I have mentioned that some of our clients run errands with their caregivers, but I haven't really explained it in detail. I thought that today we could go over that and how it works. To[...]

Homemaking Help with Caregivers

February 11, 2024|0 Comments

We talk a lot about personal care help here on the blog, but let's talk about another very common aspect of caregiving. Homemaking includes tasks like meal preparation, light cleaning (no scrubbing), and other daily[...]

Self-Care for Caregivers Pt. 2

February 4, 2024|0 Comments

Last week we discussed self-care for caregivers. This week, I'll go over some more ways that people can take care of themselves while caregiving. Here are some of my personal favorite ways to take care[...]

How to Become a Caregiver

February 3, 2024|0 Comments

There are many paths to becoming a caregiver, and today we'll detail a few. As we've discussed before, our caregivers come from many different backgrounds. If you are thinking about how to become a caregiver,[...]

Heart Healthy Foods for Older Adults

January 31, 2024|0 Comments

As we are approaching February, which is American Heart Month, let's talk about heart healthy foods that older adults can add to their diets. This is also your reminder that we are non-medical. We do[...]

Self-Care for Caregivers

January 28, 2024|1 Comment

Self-care is really important for older adults, as we've discussed. However, it's important for caregivers to take care of their mental wellness. Caregiver burnout can be very serious and even dangerous for caregivers. As always,[...]

Eye Health

January 24, 2024|0 Comments

Since January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, I decided to write this quick little post about how you can keep an eye (pun intended) on your eye health as you get older. This is not going[...]

How to Care For Your Wellbeing Part Two

January 21, 2024|0 Comments

Last week I talked about some ways that older adults can take care of their mental wellbeing. I had some more ideas, so here is a second part to that post. Here are some ways[...]

Getting Ready for the Big Game

January 20, 2024|0 Comments

I've talked a lot about how clients can utilize our services during the holidays. As I'm watching the NFL playoffs, I'm realizing that I haven't talked about sporting events before. This is going to be[...]

Mental Wellness for Older Adults

January 14, 2024|1 Comment

January is Mental Wellness Month, which is something we care about here at CareBuilders. Mental wellness is about maintaining your mental health, just like exercise is a great way to maintain your physical well-being. Here[...]

Basic Skincare For the New Year

January 13, 2024|0 Comments

I've written about cleaning tips for the new year, and now we are going to talk about skincare. This may seem a little frivolous, but skincare is a part of hygiene. Maintaining hygiene is fundamental[...]

Affordable Cleaning Tips for the New Year

January 5, 2024|0 Comments

AlsoIs one of your resolutions to keep your house cleaner? Well, look no further, because I've got you covered. I've given tips on accessible cleaning and cleaning tools before (all hail our overlord, the Robot[...]

New Year New Job

January 3, 2024|0 Comments

Hello! As Carecember comes to an end, I'd like to write yet another post reminding readers that we are always hiring! I've covered this before, so I'll be quick. The holidays are a real crazy[...]

Adding Nutrient-Dense Options to Your Holidays Pt. 2

December 30, 2023|0 Comments

Last week, I wrote about nutrient-dense foods that you could add to your holiday dinners. While this is late for Christmas, it is on time for New Year's, so I would like to finish this[...]

Adding Nutrient Dense Options to Your Holidays Pt. 1

December 23, 2023|1 Comment

It is time for the holiday season! Starting with Thanksgiving, the fall and winter holiday season is filled with hearty and delicious food. We’ve talked about accommodating dietary restrictions before. Today, let’s discuss how to[...]

Honoring Different Holiday Traditions

December 15, 2023|0 Comments

December is a particularly magical time of the year because many different cultures and religions have holidays and traditions throughout the month. And while a lot of our clients are Christian, even different denominations of[...]

Budget Gift Ideas

December 14, 2023|0 Comments

Last week I wrote a gift guide for seniors, and this week I'm going to talk about gifting ideas on a budget. Holiday shopping can be rough if you have a large family or group[...]

The Transition to Homecare

December 6, 2023|0 Comments

So you may be reading this and similar blogs because you want to learn more about how homecare could impact your life. So how do you transition to homecare? Let's go over the basics. Focus[...]

Pet Companionship for Older Adults

December 5, 2023|0 Comments

Human community is often discussed as an important part of health for older adults. Pet companionship can be very beneficial to older adults. An article for AARP by Sarah Adler on April 3, 2019 called[...]