I can’t believe Halloween is only nine days away! Are you looking for inclusive Halloween activities for the whole family? Well, look no further! I will go over some quick ways to get in the Halloween spirit! These are all going to be adaptable for older adults who may have different mobility or cognitive challenges.

A dark room is filled with four jack o lanterns.

Painting Pumpkins

Is carving too difficult for you? Are you worried about your loved one not being able to carve a pumpkin anymore? While painting a pumpkin may not be any less messy, it doesn’t involved any knives and it is much easier than carving. Thus, any older adults (and also small children) can decorate their own pumpkin.

Fun Mocktails

The internet is full of drink recipes to get into the spirit of the holiday. However, these recipes do not have to be for alcoholic beverages. Making mocktails with family is not only fun, but ensures that everyone can partake in enjoying the fruits of their labor. For some ideas, check out this post by Lauren Hubbard for Town & Country Magazine.

Halloween Costume Contest

Have grandkids? Do you also have old clothing and Halloween costumes that aren’t being used? Hold a Halloween contest inside your family. Designate a judge, set a time limit for costume creation, and go at it. Enjoy and have fun! You can either have them pick a winner outright or pick category winners.

Have the best Halloween, everyone! I will see you all next time.

Written by Brigid Stakelum