It’s no longer Halloween, so you may be asking yourself: “what do I do with all these (hopefully fake) skeletons?” If you’re the type to immediately throw up your Christmas tree, the answer may be obvious. But if you’re not, I’m here to talk about how you can repurpose some of that decor so you can save money and be less wasteful, as well as tips for buying fall decor in the future. And hold on, Christmas fans, I’ve got some stuff for you, too.

fall decor including pumpkins, flowers, and pinecones in a gray wooden wagon.

What is With Hyper-Specific Decor?

You may have heard of “fast fashion,” the rise in cheaply made clothing released nearly every day as opposed to once a season, but with the rising popularity of the home decor industry comes the phenomenon of “fast furniture.” Basically, due to factors like the pandemic and the rise in online shopping, we’re seeing home decor getting more popular, according to Marie Singer, and more hyper specific to certain holidays and months. While yes, having Christmas and Halloween decorations is normal and has always been a thing, now we have decorations for every month, season, and it’s becoming increasingly more popular. You may feel like you need to buy a whole new set of stuff for Thanksgiving or for fall. I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

Pumpkins Oh My!

Pumpkins are not Halloween-only! However, in order to help with the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving, you may want to focus on more neutral pumpkins that aren’t jack-o-lanterns. I have an orange pumpkin from Target that is featured in both October and November in my house. I have jack-lanterns, too, for variety.

Icicle Lights

Okay, Christmas fanatics, this one’s for you. White icicle lights, especially inside, are evergreen. They can be used in any season for any holiday, but I like them for fall. It brings light into the house as the sun sets earlier.


Colors look different depending on the colors surrounding them. If you have orange pieces (pillows, blankets, etc.) they’ll look more Halloween with purples, blacks, and whites. If you take the same orange pillows and add items that are green, cream, and brown, then the same pillows will look more autumnal than spooky.


This isn’t really repurposing but I’m including it anyways. And Christmas lovers, this one applies to you, too! I prefer fall scents to pretty much any other kind of scent. This time last year, Yankee Candle was having their big sales on all their fall scents, so I bought a bunch of candles, and I still have them. You can do this with any season, even Christmas. Just wait around for either right before Christmas or early January.

Should I do this again for Christmas and early January/winter? Let me know!

Written by Brigid Stakelum