Hello, everyone! As I alluded to in a previous post, this month I will be posting as a person challenge to myself. We will cover a wide range of topics; from how to transition into homecare, what happens if your loved one does have to go to a care home, to fun holiday activities that everyone can enjoy. Drop a comment down below about anything specific that you want to see. For now, a quick overview of what exactly it is that I am doing here.

What is Carecember?

Carecember is a month-long celebration of homecare and the end of the year, started by yours truly. So many holidays happen this time of year, it is a time of reflection, family, and love. So to celebrate that, I’m going to be lighting up our blog like a Christmas tree. We will cover all sorts of topics, serious and light.

How Often are You Going to Post?

Hopefully multiple times a week, every day is a bit of a reach. So I won’t be doing that. However, I have been working on some topics so check back in multiple times a week!

You Always Talk About Homecare During the Holidays!

This is true. But this year will be different, we will talk about things we haven’t discussed before. The holidays can be a complicated time for our clients and their families, so we want to honor that.

I hope to see you this month, and happy holidays to you!

Written by Brigid Stakelum