We’re half-way through Mental Health Awareness Month, and I wanted to hop on here to share some tips to take care of yourself this month. I’ve written about mental wellness before. and it is a topic that is important to me.

Senior Caucasian Woman Sleeping In Comfortable Bed, Relaxing In

Take Breaks

It is not healthy to go, go, go, go without taking any time for yourself. I myself am struggling with this between my professional and personal lives. I feel like every second that I’m home, I need to be doing chores instead of focusing on recharging my battery. This is a huge recipe for burnout. Take time for yourself. that could be journaling or going to therapy or taking time for a personal hobby or project.

Consult a Professional

The best way to take care ot your mental health is by speaking with a mental health professional. Many people think that they need to wait for a mental health “problem” or crisis before they see a professional. However, early intervention can be key in mental healthcare. And everyone can benefit from maintaining their mental wellness.

Have Open Conversations

I often talk about how family members noticing symptoms of chronic illnesses in older adults can aide in early intervention. The same premise applies here. By having open conversations with your loved ones about your mental health, they can be on the lookout for certain symptoms. They can tell you when they think you need to take a step back. They could even bring up conditions that they want you to look into with your doctor.

Enjoy your spring and take care of yourselves.

Written by Brigid Stakelum