Every Thanksgiving week, there are events that happen on various days. There’s of course Black Friday, but I plan to make posts on Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday. Today I will talk about how you can participate in Small Business Saturday if you struggle shopping in person. Of course, if you can shop in person, some of my favorite small businesses are in NuLu, and you can find a wonderful map of women-owned small businesses from Women Owned Wallet. Fair warning that a lot of these ways to participate are online. However, I don’t like the assumption that no one over the age of 65 can use the internet. If you’re reading this blog, you or a loved one has some internet aptitude.

Online Shopping

A lot of small businesses I find are online, which I know can be a challenge for some older adults. I don’t like to stereotype, though, so if you are tech-savvy, two of my favorite places to find small businesses is on Instagram or Etsy. On Instagram search “small business” or “small business Saturday.” If you are not tech savvy, then this may be the time to seek out assistance from someone else. What you can also do is look into the businesses that you find elsewhere, and get their information on a business card.

Holiday Craft Fair

Holiday Craft Fairs are a great way to get some holiday shopping done while supporting small businesses! I know they’re not usually on Saturday, but I’m including it anyways. They’re usually only open a few hours at local schools, and it can be a great outing with grandkids. Of course, like I said, you may not be able to shop in person for hours, but if you know someone who goes they can help you shop or you can ask them to get a few business cards for you so that you can look at their offerings online afterwards.


You can support local restaurants through delivery! If you have their website, or you use Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, you can get some delicious food delivered to you while you are planning your holiday decorating and shopping!

Stay tuned for Giving Tuesday!