I have mentioned that some of our clients run errands with their caregivers, but I haven’t really explained it in detail. I thought that today we could go over that and how it works. To get this out of the way, the caregiver will only run errands if their client is going to be included in the errands. We have client’s spouses who do run errands while the client and caregiver are at home, but that is not what I am discussing today.

The caregiver’s role in errands is going to depend on the abilities of the client. Some of our clients cannot run errands anymore at all, so this is not for them. However, we may have one client who cannot drive anymore but who wants to go grocery shopping, and can walk throughout that task well, with or without a mobility aid. We may have a client who can drive themselves but wants companionship while they are doing their errands. It is a spectrum, so we highly encourage anyone who wants this assistance to call the office and walk us through what your expectations will be of the caregiver. You will also discuss logistics like if the caregiver will drive their own car with the client inside or the client’s car.

This can be a really important part of our client’s weekly routines. This is also important for preserving their independence.