Last week we discussed self-care for caregivers. This week, I’ll go over some more ways that people can take care of themselves while caregiving. Here are some of my personal favorite ways to take care of myself.

Friendly caregiver supporting an eldery lady

Set Boundaries With Your Time

One thing that helps me maintain a healthy mindset is that I have a set time that I start getting ready for work at (2 hours before I clock in). However, I do not even think about work until that time. That allows me to have a clear separation between my personal time and the time I have to get ready for work. Even then, I like to listen YouTube/podcasts and music while I’m putting on my makeup and driving to work.

Do Personal Chores Throughout the Week

I know when you have a demanding job that keeps strange hours, it becomes so easy to push all your chores off until the weekend. However, if you do that, then you won’t be able to spend as much time relaxing and socializing on the weekend. So, if you try to do a few chores before or after work, you’ll have more free time. I find that the chores don’t mentally weigh on me as much if I do a few every single day, as well.

Personal Joys

Part of taking care of yourself is giving yourself time to recover from the emotionally and physically demanding work of caregiving. This could be your own hobby, or as simple as watching movies on your downtime.

In all, recovery and self-care are important for caregivers. Take care of yourselves and I will see you later this week!

Written by Brigid Stakelum