Older adults often have hygiene struggles that can come with various conditions. At CareBuilders, we assess each individual for the level of independence they can maintain while performing tasks. This way, we don’t assume that people need a level of assistance that they don’t, and we don’t undercut their confidence or independence. Here are some common struggles that older adults may have with their hygiene.

Hair and Nails

Older adults may not have the time, energy, or ability to maintain the level of hair and nail care and styling that they have had their entire adult lives. Helping them with basic styling and care can restore their confidence. This could be done on a budget, through the donated time of loved ones, or through professional help. This seems like a small thing, but often fine motor skills can be amongst the first things to deteriorate, and not being able to do these tasks can signify a much greater change.

Showering, Toileting, and Bathing

This category is the one that really showcases why we need to evaluate each individual when creating their care plan. Just because someone gets too fatigued to stand in the shower does not mean that they can’t sit in a shower chair. The client is vital to creating their own plan for their care in this case, and they should be empowered to do as much as they safely can.

This was a short one today, but I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more this weekend.

Written by Brigid Stakelum