So you may be reading this and similar blogs because you want to learn more about how homecare could impact your life. So how do you transition to homecare? Let’s go over the basics.

Focus on the Familiar

The change to homecare can be overwhelming for people, especially those who’ve been extremely independent. The good news is that homecare clients still have a lot of constants to hold on to. They get to stay in their homes, and they’ll be able to preserve as much independence as possible. Homecare clients also have their own food, and control over their surroundings. We prioritize that in our agency, and so do our caregivers.

Keep an Open Mind

We will be sending out people who we feel best suit your needs. If you have any concerns, just give the office a call and we can talk them through with you. We also talk to you before caregivers ever show up to your house. And you’re able to control your care schedule. However, sometimes it can take a bit to get used to someone coming over to your house. Just be prepared for that.

Give Constructive Feedback

The office staff are the ones you should communicate with about your caregiver’s performance, so constructive feedback is key. We need something that we can work on improving, so when you talk to the office, try to be as specific as possible. That way we’ll be able to adjust your care or talk about other solutions.

We hope your transition into homecare goes smoothly.