How can you beat the heat while still being active this summer? As I talked about last year, extreme heat can mess with certain medications or exacerbate certain conditions people may have. So what can you do this summer to remain active in your community while also controlling how much exposure you have to the heat and sun.

Drive-In Theaters

There are two drive-in theaters near Louisville. The Sauerbeck Family Drive-In is in LaGrange and the Georgetown Drive-In is across the river. I’ve been to both and have enjoyed both. The thing I like about drive-in is of course that the movies take place at night so it is cooler. The asterisk here is if you can no longer stay out late, since unless you go earlier in the summer, the movies end very late in the night. Of course an alternative for our non-night owls are regular movie theaters, they sometimes do events where they re-release older movies, so pay attention to those.

Farmer’s Markets

Kayla Baker wrote this great guide to farmer’s markets in Louisville if you are trying to find one near you. The great thing about them is that they usually are open in the morning and early afternoon, meaning you can go inside during the heat of the day. This is also a great way to get local produce and maybe try new things that you don’t see in your local grocery store. My dad and I bought from a farm that always seemed to have fun vegetables.

Night-time Concerts and Activities

The best thing about summertime are the outdoor events that occur in the evening. My favorite of these is the Shakespeare Festival in Central Park by Kentucky Shakespeare. The reason that I am not putting them in the same category as the drive-ins is that they do not have to wait until it gets completely dark to start, so they don’t end too late.

Need more ideas? I shared some ideas last year about this as well. If you’d like more tips, please leave a comment down below.