July is UV Awareness Month! We have previously talked about heat safety, so let’s talk about UV safety steps that older adults can take this summer. Like heat safety, UV safety is very important for everyone.

Someone squeezes sunscreen from an orange tube into their hand.

Wear UV Protective Clothing

One of the easiest ways to protect your skin from UV rays is to wear light, protective clothing when doing summer activities. Rash guards while swimming are a great option for those who enjoy their pool time in the summer. Hats are also important, as well as sunglasses.

Make Sure to Apply Sunscreen Properly

A lot of people do not apply enough sunscreen! And if you’re rolling your eyes at me and telling me that you don’t need sunscreen because you don’t burn, listen up! You can develop skin cancer regardless of whether or not you get bad sunburns. In fact, people who think they don’t need sunscreen usually need it the most, since they are more likely to brush off sun protection. You need to apply more sunscreen than you think, and you need to reapply often.

Enjoy the Shade

Even if you are wearing protective clothing and lots of sunscreen, be sure to relax in the shade as often as possible. This can help keep you cool as well as protecting you from UV radiation.

Please stay safe outside this summer, and enjoy this time with your family. I will see you really soon.

Written by Brigid Stakelum