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Senior Care Options: 3 Types of Services Explained

By Published On: February 1, 2024Categories: News

When the time comes to look for help for an aging loved one, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many options for senior care, and aside from the hard decision to get care, navigating all the options can often feel overwhelming. Understanding what each kind of care provides can help you determine what may be best for your loved one’s needs. Let’s look at three main types of senior care services, and what you should consider in terms of cost, caregiver qualifications, senior needs, and more.

1. Assisted Living Facilities

According to, assisted living facilities are residential communities designed for older adults who are mostly independent but require some help with daily activities and seek social engagement. These facilities provide more support than independent living options but do not offer the round-the-clock skilled medical care found in nursing homes. Assisted living facilities offer a blend of independence and assistance, making them a viable senior care option for those who don’t require intensive medical care but could benefit from some help with daily activities and social engagement. The national average, reported by, for assisted living facilities is $4,459 a month.


  • Offers a community environment with social activities.
  • Provides various levels of care, including medical monitoring.
  • Typically includes meals, housekeeping, and other amenities.


  • Less personalized care due to the staff-to-resident ratio.
  • Some assisted living facilities may be over-staffed.
  • Transitioning from home to a facility can be challenging for some seniors.
  • Seniors cannot age in place.
  • Medicare does not cover assisted living, according to the National Council on Aging.
  • Living in tight quarters may increase the spread of illness and viruses.


Costs for assisted living facilities can be significant and might be paid through private funds or long-term care insurance. When considering this option, it’s important to assess the facility’s atmosphere, staff qualifications, and the types of activities and medical services offered.

2. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can also be called skilled nursing facilities. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities provide comprehensive care, including 24-hour medical support. This care typically is more focused on medical care than a typical assisted living facility. These facilities can be an option to enhance senior healthcare for those with health conditions, advanced dementia, or those needing post-hospital care.


  • Access to round-the-clock medical care and support.
  • Structured environment with scheduled activities and meals.
  • Suitable for seniors with significant health care needs.


  • Limited personal freedom and privacy.
  • Some residents may share a room.
  • Visitors may be limited to certain hours, meaning family members cannot come and go as they please.
  • Can be the most expensive among senior care options.
  • Medicare may not pay for any or all of a stay at a nursing home according to the NIA.
  • Living in tight quarters may increase the spread of illness and viruses.


When selecting a nursing home, consider the staff-to-patient ratio, the qualifications of medical personnel, and the facility’s overall environment.

3. In-Home Care Services

In-home care is a popular choice among senior care options, as it allows seniors to receive personalized care in the comfort of their own homes. This type of service is ideal for seniors who are relatively independent but require assistance with daily activities such as bathing, meal preparation, medication management, and transportation. This can provide great comfort to many seniors and their families. In-home care is likely the least disruptive care option to an elder’s daily life. Some care options even have caregivers who can stay overnight.


  • Personalized care tailored to individual needs.
  • Comfort of remaining in a familiar environment.
  • Flexibility in the level and frequency of care provided.
  • Family members can visit as usual.
  • Least disruptive to a senior.
  • Elderly adults are allowed to age in place and in the comfort of their homes.
  • Some companies, such as CareBuilders at Home, even provide brain and body fitness programs.
  • Around-the-clock care is an option.


  • Your senior may need more advanced care.


When choosing in-home care, it’s important to evaluate the qualifications and experience of the caregivers. CareBuilders at Home, for instance, offers qualified caregivers who provide compassionate and skilled care. Costs can vary based on the level of care needed, and it’s often paid for out-of-pocket or through long-term care insurance.

Choosing the Right Senior Care with CareBuilders at Home

Choosing which of these senior care options is not a light decision, but by weighing all the options and factors like the level of care needed and costs, you’ll find the right care for your loved ones. CareBuilders at Home offers a flexible and compassionate solution, where your loved ones receive the highest quality care while maintaining their independence.

We do more than just stop by and help with activities of daily living. Our caregivers spend quality time caring for every client. We also offer programs to help elders live longer, happier lives when care is started. In addition to our caregiving services, we offer:

  • A Health and Fitness Program (stimulates cognitive development with physical and mental exercises & activity)
  • Personal Assistant Services (task-specific services, with no minimum hours requirement, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional hourly home care)
  • Virtual Caregiver (technology that transforms your loved one’s TV into a video call for an instant connection to friends, family, and their care team at CareBuilders)

If you’re ready to get the best care for your elderly loved one, contact us today.