Work-life balance is important, and it’s one of the many reasons entrepreneurs choose CareBuilders at Home. Franchise partners are able to take control of their professional lives, which gives them the ability to take control of their personal lives, too. The CareBuilders franchise model makes it possible thanks to a steady schedule, extensive administrative support, and a wealth of internal resources.

Consistent Schedule

Within the CareBuilders franchise system, each franchise partner is their own boss, giving you more control over your schedule and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our consistent business model. Because the CareBuilders work week is so consistent, our franchise partners are able to plan ahead both professionally and personally.

With some planning, our franchise partners can arrange their schedules to catch Little League games, make happy hour, and go on family vacations. Increased flexibility is a big deciding factor for many of our franchise partners in choosing to franchise with CareBuilders.

Administrative Support

The administrative support CareBuilders provides is second-to-none. We provide our franchise partners with back-office support so they aren’t spending late nights pouring over invoices and payroll. Thanks to our easy-to-use online system, franchise partners just have to input the information from clients. Well, run the numbers on our end.

Each franchise partner is their own boss, but they also have corporate support at every step of the way. We also handle benefits allocation, insurance, taxes, and workers’ compensation.

Internal Resources

In addition to providing our franchise partners with administrative support, CareBuilders also has a wealth of internal resources that they can access to save time during the workday. For example, we have an IT help desk. That way, our franchise partners don’t have to spend their time trying to troubleshoot tech issues or find time to take computers into a repair shop. A quick call to our New York headquarters and we will help you with your tech problem so you can get back to your workday quickly.

CareBuilders also provides franchise partners with resources for operations, marketing, contracts, and HR because our franchise partners are just that our partners. And we do everything we can to make their day-to-day easier. CareBuilders franchise partners know that we are there for them every step of the way, and that allows them to not spend their free time worrying about their business.

We help you during work hours so you can enjoy your life outside of work. By having a consistent schedule, providing administrative support, and offering access to internal resources, we help our franchise partners leave work at the office and achieve work-life balance. If you’re ready to achieve that balance, let’s get in contact.