Some of the benefits of owning a CareBuilders at Home franchise are obvious, like escaping the corporate grind in favor of entrepreneurship. But here are five more perks of owning a CareBuilders at Home franchise that are a little less expected.

1. Daily Motivation

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners take an active role in their businesses. We make sure that all of our franchise partners have the motivation they need to be involved in the day-to-day operations of their business. One way CareBuilders at Home helps encourage franchise partners is with a daily podcast. Each morning, we record a podcast that provides tips and daily motivation to get our franchise partners ready to conquer the day.

2. $592,440* AUV

The average unit volume for a CareBuilders at Home franchise location is more than half a million dollars, at $592,440*. That number is a testament to the diligence of our franchise partners who spend time finding clients and matching them with outstanding caregivers.

While $592,440* is the average of all of our franchise partners, it is important to note that there is a lot of room for growth. The revenue of one CareBuilders at Home franchise location was even $1,987,988*.

3. Industry Growth

The home care industry is on the precipice of extreme growth. More than 80% of home care patients are over the age of 65. And, by 2030, adults older than 65 are expected to comprise 20% of the population thanks to advances in science, technology, and medicine. CareBuilders provides services for many 65+ people who are relatively healthy but could use some help managing daily tasks. As the number of Americans 65 and older increases, the entire home healthcare industry will grow along with them.

4. Partnership

At CareBuilders at Home, we truly connect with each of our franchise partners. We comprehensively train our partners and fully support the day-to-day operations of each CareBuilders at Home franchise.

For example, we front the payroll for each caregiver, so they get paid consistently, regardless of when clients are able to pay franchise partners. We also eliminate the need for franchise partners to hire various consultants and contractors. With a quick call to CareBuilders at Home headquarters, franchise partners can get help with human resources, IT or insurance.

5. Community Impact

The work that CareBuilders at Home franchise partners do has a positive impact on communities nationwide. Each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner provides jobs in their own towns and cities. Caregivers can provide excellent care to clients and earn a consistent paycheck. So, in addition to providing care to some of society’s most vulnerable, CareBuilders at Home franchise partners provide job opportunities for those who need them.

Daily motivation, our average unit volume, overall industry growth, partnership with CareBuilders at Home corporate, and having a positive impact on the community are just some of the unexpected benefits of owning a CareBuilders at Home franchise. If these benefits sound great to you, please reach out for more information.

*Refer to the CareBuilders at Home 2019 FDD for additional information.