CareBuilders at Home is a one-of-a-kind home care franchise opportunity because we provide operational resources and back-office support so our franchise partners can focus on business growth. We’re also well-positioned in a growing and emotionally-fulfilling industry.

Operational Resources

We do everything we can to support our franchise partners. Beyond our comprehensive training program, we provide resources that help our franchise partners navigate their day-to-day operations. CareBuilders at Home offers guides, webinars, and even podcasts to help all of our franchise partners become home care industry pros, train their teams and strategize for their businesses’ futures.

Back-Office Support

The back-office support that we deliver to franchise partners is second-to-none. We handle human resources and IT requests, in addition to assisting franchise partners with things like tax preparation and billing. In fact, each CareBuilders at Home caregiver is an employee of CareBuilders at Home, LLC, which means we handle things like payroll, benefits, and insurance.

Our relationship with franchise partners is just that a partnership. The support CareBuilders at Home provides to franchise partners is unmatched by any other franchisor in the industry, making us stand out.

Growing Home Healthcare Industry

The home care industry is on the precipice of growth. As advances in science, technology and medicine are helping Americans live longer, more people need and will continue to need the services that CareBuilders at Home provides. The market for non-medical home care is only expanding, meaning that CareBuilders at Home franchise partners are uniquely positioned to grow.

Emotionally Fulfilling

One reason many people look to escape the traditional, corporate world is to find a more gratifying venture. CareBuilders at Home has proven to be emotionally rewarding to many of our franchise partners. We provide non-medical care to those who need it, including seniors and people with disabilities. It’s rewarding to know that CareBuilders at Home caregivers are providing excellent care to clients and providing peace of mind to those clients’ loved ones.

Each CareBuilders at Home franchise location also brings jobs into a community. Our franchise partners provide consistent, rewarding work for their caregivers. That opportunity can have quite an impact on caregiver’s lives, not only providing them with a job and income but also offering the opportunity to help those in their community who need them most. By helping provide rewarding jobs, our franchise partners are able to have a positive, emotionally-fulfilling effect on lives in their very own community.

The CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity is unlike any other. We provide our franchise partners with operational resources and back-office support and we are uniquely positioned in the growing and emotionally-fulfilling home care industry. If you are ready to dive into this stand-out franchise opportunity, let’s get in contact.