CareBuilders at Home is growing and expanding into communities nationwide. Will yours be next? Now could be your chance to open your own home healthcare franchise location and serve your own community. CareBuilders at Home keeps growing thanks to our unbeatable support, our growing customer base, and the care we pass along to our caregivers.

1. Unbeatable Franchise Partner Support

CareBuilders at Home franchise partner support is second-to-none. Our franchise support includes comprehensive training to teach you the foundations of running your own home healthcare franchise. Beyond training, our administrative support includes tax preparation, human resources, and IT assistance.

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners can always turn to CareBuilders at Home corporate for any support they might need. Instead of being left to your own devices or having to hire costly consultants, you can just make a quick call to us. We handle the administrative aspects of the home healthcare business so our franchise partners can focus on strategy, management, operations, and growth.

2. Our Customer Base Is Expanding And Will Continue to Grow

Part of the reason CareBuilders at Home is experiencing such growth is that our customer base is expanding. Most home healthcare clients, including CareBuilders at Home patients, are 65 and older.

Thanks to advances in science, technology, and medicine, more and more Americans are living past 65. People want to continue living in their own homes, though at least 70% of people 65 and older will require home healthcare. Because CareBuilders at Home makes that happen for all patients, these are all potential CareBuilders at Home customers. And the number of 65+ Americans is going to continue to increase, meaning that opportunities for CareBuilders at Home franchises will continue to grow.

3. We Understand That Caregivers Are the Heart Of Our Business

Our franchise partners could not do what they do if not for the amazing efforts of CareBuilders at Home caregivers. Our caregivers are the ones who provide excellent care to each of our patients. In addition to being natural people, our caregivers are also able to provide non-medical care and purposeful companionship.

Because we understand that our caregivers are the heart of our business, we help our franchise partners take care of their caregivers. One of the ways we do that is by being their employer of record. That means that every paycheck comes on time and directly from CareBuilders at Home. Caregivers are also eligible for health and dental benefits through the corporate office.

Because we take such good care of our caregivers, which incentivizes them to stay. That means our franchise partners spend less time looking for and hiring caregivers, and more time focusing on growing their home healthcare franchise.

Are you ready to join the growing CareBuilders at Home franchise system? Our unbeatable franchise partner support, growing customer base, and compassionate caregivers will continue to enable CareBuilders at Homes growth across the nation. If this seems like the perfect franchise opportunity for you, please reach out for more information.