There are many reasons you should choose a home care franchise, not the least of which is the chance to join an industry with an increasing number of potential customers. Becoming a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner offers you that advantage as well as an emotionally fulfilling opportunity due to the impact you could have on the lives of those who need it most.

The Silver Surge Opportunity

The number of potential home care patients will continue to grow.81.9% of home health patients are 65+and the 65+ community is increasing. Thanks to improvements in medicine and technology, Americans are living further and further past 65. In fact, by 2030, 65+ adults are expected to make up 20% of the entire population.

This growing population is likely to require home health care, making services like CareBuilders at Home even more crucial. Our services, including medication compliance, light housekeeping, and assisting with hygiene, allow our patients to stay in their homes safely and with dignity. As more people require home health care, there will be more opportunities for home health care businesses, like CareBuilders at Home franchises, to thrive.

Impact Lives

Do you have a passion for caring for others? Then you might find the home care industry fulfilling. While our CareBuilders at Home franchise partners don’t directly provide care to our patients, they know that their business plays a pivotal and important role in their lives.

Your team of caregivers will be providing care to those who have given so much to us in terms of building industry, serving our country, and passing on invaluable wisdom. Your CareBuilders at Home business can provide them with the dignity they deserve. You have the opportunity to have an impact on lives by choosing the home care industry and franchising with CareBuilders at Home.

Create Jobs in Your Community

Your CareBuilders at Home franchise can also have a positive impact on your community. Opening any business can provide jobs, but opening a CareBuilders at Home agency provides jobs for people who have a caring nature and the desire to help others. And we take care of caregivers by offering flexible hours and paying them every week. Some of your caregivers will even be eligible for medical plans, healthcare reimbursement, and tuition reimbursement.

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners find emotional fulfillment by providing jobs for the caregivers in their own community. If you want to have that type of impact in your own city or town, home care might be the perfect industry for you.

The market for home care services is booming and you could have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those in your community by bringing a CareBuilders at Home agency to your community. Are you ready to jump into the growing home care industry? Reach out for more information about this growing opportunity.