Meet Gina McLaughlin! She’s a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner in Youngstown, OH. Her experience as a nurse has allowed her to build a successful business with a more flexible schedule while compassionately caring for clients in her community.


For more than 10 years, Gina used her passion for care to serve her community as a nurse. And she uses those skills on a daily basis in her CareBuilders at Home business. “I’d have to say the fact that I am a nurse and my background as a skilled home care administrator are skillsets vital to my success,” Gina says. “I’ve found it rewarding to tell my clients’ families that each household has nursing support.”

Her comfort and experience in the home care and health care industries have made Gina a great fit for a CareBuilders at Home franchise. “My passion for the industry and the need to provide service to people who want to stay in their home drew me to the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity,” Gina says.

The Day-to-Day

Gina’s day-to-day responsibilities vary but can include meeting new families, calling upon referral sources, and managing marketing efforts. And, thanks to the CareBuilders at Home franchise model, she has the opportunity to build flexibility into her own schedule. “I don’t set out at the same time each day nor do I end at the same time. I allow for flexibility as new clients pop up without notice.”

She also gets out into the community to share the role that CareBuilders at Home can play in the lives of clients. “I do at least two presentations a month for my referral sources, like ‘lunch and learns.’” Gina says. “I try to schedule meetings weekly to meet new referral sources, administrators, and colleagues. I attend networking events in the evenings as I am a social person and enjoy being out.”

Family Life

Owning her own business also allows Gina to build a flexible schedule for herself and prioritize spending time with her family. “I knew there was something I could do to make money, create my own schedule, and still provide compassion to people,” Gina says. “I’ve raised four, wonderful children and have been able to be with them at all times.”

Her family and friends have also served as a support system that helps Gina thrive in business and at home. “I have wonderful family support and great friends.”

The CareBuilders at Home Difference

“I would tell people considering the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity to GO FOR IT! I am so thrilled with our company,” Gina says. “The support from my director of operations, Judah Schuster, is unbelievable. He has a way of inspiring all of our franchise offices.” That inspiration continually helps Gina learn new skills and connect with a network that helps her grow her home care business.

Are you looking for the flexibility Gina has found with CareBuilders at Home? If so, reach out for more information about this home care franchise opportunity. You can start providing compassionate care to your community by franchising with CareBuilders at Home.