Each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner has the freedom to decide their own schedule and determine which duties to delegate. Of course, this means that there is no single day in the life of a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner. There are lots of different routines that work for lots of different CareBuilders at Home franchise partners. But there are some tasks that franchise partners generally do daily and those that are done less often. Discover what your day could look like as a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner.

Daily Tasks

While these do vary from day to day, a franchise partner might spend their day calling referral sources, setting up services for new clients, handling any inter-office issues, and responding to client requests. As the owner of your CareBuilders at Home agency, you can create a daily schedule that works for you.

Maybe you’re an early bird who likes to be answering emails by 6 a.m. and opening the doors by 8 a.m., or you could choose to start your day later and hold client meetings until 7 p.m. Either way, you choose if you want to be the person tasked with closing deals and securing payment information or if you would rather delegate that on any particular day. With CareBuilders at Home, the choice is all yours.

Out in the Community

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners also have the opportunity to get out in their community to expand their clientele and stay connected to their referral sources. Community involvement can include networking, presentations to your current referral sources, and making pitches to potential referral sources. Evening networking events are a great way to meet new business leaders in your community and explain to them how your CareBuilders at Home makes your city a better place.

Presentations, like lunch-and-learns, let you demonstrate the growth of your business to those who are already involved and provide franchise partners with an opportunity to check-in. If you are a people-person who wants to be out in the community getting to know people, the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity might be perfect for you.

Work-Life Balance

Franchise ownership allows franchise partners to move toward work-life balance. So, part of a day in the life of a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner is getting out of the office! You deserve the chance to live a well-rounded life and you can do just that with CareBuilders at Home.

Single moms, grandparents and even active community volunteers have all found that franchising with us provides them with the work-life balance they were not able to have in previous corporate careers. Franchising with CareBuilders at Home could give you a little more work-life balance in your everyday routine.

Each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner has the chance to tailor their day to their wants and needs. If you are ready to become a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner, and choose that work-life balance for yourself, reach out today for more information.