Once you are a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner, you will have the opportunity to use your business to be active in your community. You can do this by having a presence at local healthcare events, networking with other business leaders, and maintaining strong relationships with current referral sources.

Being at Healthcare Events

Making sure that your CareBuilders at Home franchise location has a presence at local healthcare events is an excellent way to make a name for your business in your community. And you’ll have the opportunity go beyond just setting up a booth decked out with our comprehensive marketing materials. Healthcare events are your opportunity to get out and make relationships with members of your community.

You could meet your next caregivers, your newest referral sources, or even the people looking for at-home care. Healthcare events give you the opportunity to be the face of your CareBuilders at Home franchise location and be an active community member.


Connecting with other business leaders in your community is another way to be an active face of your CareBuilders at Home franchise. Some franchise partners make these connections at designated networking events or by joining chambers of commerce. These are accessible opportunities to learn about the organizations and professionals that could help you build your home care business.

Networking can also happen more organically as long as you are consistently prepared to talk about what CareBuilders at Home can offer to clients, patients, caregivers, and your community as a whole.

Communicating with Current Referral Sources

Being present with your current referral sources is another way to be an active participant in your community. Sometimes being involved with your referral sources is as simple as grabbing lunch or a cup of coffee with your company contact. A hospital social worker is more likely to refer clients to the business owner with whom they have more contact than the owner who dropped off brochures once and disappeared.

If your current referral sources host events or informational sessions, don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand and partner with them. This could be an opportunity for you to present in front of a new group of potential clients at a hospital event or the opportunity to facilitate a lunch-and-learn for employees who want to learn more about CareBuilders at Home and the services we offer. Either way, creating and maintaining strong relationships with referral sources is one-way CareBuilders at Home franchise partners are able to be active in their communities.

Once you partner with CareBuilders at home you will have access to our supply of resources that will empower you to be out in your community making connections and building your business. You have the opportunity to make an impact in your community by becoming a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner. Reach out to our franchise development team for more information about our franchise process.