The CareBuilders at Home franchise system is proven, our operations have been simplified and our model involves several different audiences for us to connect with. Read on to learn about each of the different CareBuilders at Home audiences and how our franchise partners get to know our clients, our clients’ families, and potential referral sources and maintain referral source relationships.


Even before a client is technically a client, our franchise partners communicate what makes CareBuilders at Home the best home care agency to meet their needs. You can utilize our proven marketing systems to get your business in front of new clients, in addition to your natural networking skills to meet new clients and communicate our message.

Once our clients have signed on, we communicate with them every time our caregivers go to their homes to help them live with dignity. It’s up to our franchise partners and their caregivers to use their words, actions, and attitudes to fulfill the promise of putting clients first and providing home care they can trust.

Clients’ Families

For many of our clients, their children or other loved ones make decisions regarding home care. For these families, CareBuilders at Home services are the perfect solution. Our caregivers allow clients to stay in their homes with dignity instead of having to move into assisted living while also relieving their families of some of the time and care commitments required by having a parent who requires assistance. That’s what we communicate to potential clients families: we can help you fill in the gaps and take care of your loved one with conscientious care.

Potential Referral Sources

Communicating with organizations that might turn into referral sources is a crucial part of a franchise partner’s responsibilities. You’ll visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, and doctors’ offices to connect with the decision-makers and let them know why they should refer their patients and clients to your CareBuilders at Home business. Part of your CareBuilders at Home franchise partner training will provide you with strategies for converting potential referral sources into referral sources.

Referral Sources

As you build your roster of referral sources, we urge our franchise partners to maintain strong, close relationships with the referral sources you already have. There are a lot of ways to do this: you can drop off new informational materials face-to-face, partner with them for events, or even grab a cup of coffee with the decision-makers to have catch up sessions. Staying up to date with your home care referral sources will encourage them to keep your CareBuilders at Home franchise top of mind for their patients’ home care needs.

Once you officially become a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner, our comprehensive training will make sure you are ready to effectively communicate with clients, clients’ families, potential referral sources, and your new referral sources. To learn more about the CareBuilders at Home franchise partner training process, and to start your franchise journey, reach out to our franchise development team.