One of the many benefits of being a CareBuilders at Home franchise partner is the extensive support the corporate office provides. And that includes back office support to make the day-to-day operations of each franchise run as smoothly as possible. Read on to discover the benefits of CareBuilders at Home’s back office franchise partner support.

Payroll Support

For CareBuilders at Home franchises, back office support includes payroll support. As a brand, we pride ourselves on being a premier employment choice for caregivers across the country. And we’ve garnered this reputation because we pay every caregiver, on time, every week. Our payroll support makes this promise easy to fulfill for each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner. Thanks to our back office support, caregivers don’t have to wait on a client invoice to process before they get paid.

Tax Support

So many businessowners dread tax season. But not CareBuilders at Home franchise partners. We provide tax and accounting services to each franchise partner so they don’t have to spend hours reporting or spend money on an outside accountant. We provide the back office support that allows our franchise partners to stay focused on running their business — even during tax season.

IT Support

You bring leadership skills, healthcare experience and a caring nature to the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity. We don’t expect you to be an IT pro, too. That’s why we have an IT team at your beck and call for any computer or network issues your business might encounter. This way, you can get up and running as soon as possible without having to pay an outside IT contractor.

Billing / Invoicing Support

We know that when it comes to running your business, there are so many other things you could spend your time doing that aren’t tracking down billing and invoicing paperwork. CareBuilders at Home believes that franchise partners’ skills and talents are better used making connections in the community and meeting new clients. So, we handle billing and invoicing on your behalf.

Hiring Support

Effective hiring is crucial to the success of any business. CareBuilders at Home provides franchise partners with all the hiring support they need. Our corporate office maintains job posting accounts on all major job searching sites. This means your jobs are sure to get in front of the caregivers in your community. The corporate office also helps filter candidates so you have a smaller, more qualified pool to hire from.


We’re partners from day one. That’s why our training program sets you up with everything you need to know to run a home care franchise, including how to utilize all of CareBuilders at Home’s back office support. We’ll train you on operational procedures and the software you’ll use every day in addition to making sure you understand every back office resource that is at your disposal.

Are you ready to join the home care franchise with more support? Start your CareBuilders at Home journey today by reaching out for more information.