Every day, CareBuilders at Home clients trust our caregivers to come into their homes and make their lives easier. And we don’t take that level of trust lightly. Our franchise partners do their due diligence to make sure that the care we provide is care that each client can trust.

Screening and Hiring Process

In order to provide care that home care clients can trust, we have to hire trustworthy caregivers. Our screening process is extensive and includes a drug test and background check, and that’s before we even get to the interview stage. CareBuilders at Home franchise partners hire for experience and attitude, so both the resume and interview are important.

Once applicants pass the background check and drug test, they can be invited for a face-to-face. Many franchise partners choose to take on hiring duties while others delegate to a trusted manager; either way, the interview is our opportunity to make sure that a great resume doesn’t belong to someone with a bad attitude. Our clients trust us in their homes every day. That’s why we utilize a holistic hiring process to ensure each caregiver can be trusted.

In-Depth Consultations

Before we become a part of the daily lives of our clients, we have to make sure that we know exactly what care they need. CareBuilders at Home offers many different services and every client is different. Having a conversation about needs up front means that on a caregiver’s first day with a client, they can work on establishing trust instead of figuring out tasks and duties.

The time we take to make sure we understand our clients’ needs also helps their loved ones who are trusting CareBuilders at Home with the regular care of someone they love. Consultations are an opportunity for those loved ones to get to know you and express what they need and expect from your caregivers.

In-depth consultations are also a way for clients to build rapport with franchise partners and their CareBuilders at Home office team. That way, if needs change or the client has a specific request, clients and their families can trust the franchise partner to be a compassionate listener who will work to find solutions.

Collaboration with Corporate-Wide Resources

One of the many benefits of being part of a franchise system is that each CareBuilders at Home franchise has access to our resources. These materials include training strategies, up-to-date best practices and access to other, more established franchise partners who might have the tips and tricks you need to prepare each of your caregivers to provide our optimal level of service to each client.

In addition to all of the resources CareBuilders at Home franchise partners can access via an online portal, you can always reach out to the corporate team and ask any questions. After all, we’re a resource, too! We have decades of experience in the home care industry and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about training caregivers or better meeting client needs.

Our hiring processes, in-depth consultations and corporate-wide resources allow each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner to provide the most trustworthy care to every client. If you are ready to bring this level of care to your community, reach out to our franchise development team to learn more about the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity.