Entrepreneurs across the country are realizing what CareBuilders at Home already knows: now is the time to invest in home care. As franchise hopefuls look for opportunities that are essential businesses, much-needed and poised to grow, it becomes impossible to ignore the appeal of home care franchises, like CareBuilders at Home.

Home Care Franchises Are Essential Businesses

As you consider the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity, it’s important to consider what our industry will look like in the future. While no level of success can be promised, we do know that home care franchises are essential businesses and will remain this way going forward. While the term “essential business” is relatively new in popularity, it speaks to what those in the home care industry have long known to be true: clients truly can’t go without the care we provide.

Our caregivers assist with personal hygiene, handle medication compliance and go grocery shopping for nutritious foods. These tasks become even more crucial when family support becomes limited or impossible. CareBuilders at Home is an essential business because our home care franchises help clients live safely—and with dignity—even as the world becomes a little harder to navigate.

The Population is Aging

The Silver Tsunami is on its way and CareBuilders at Home franchise partners are poised to care for this surge of American seniors. By 2030, adults 65 and older are expected to become 20% of the United States population. These are the adults who will need the services of home care franchises, like CareBuilders at Home, to be able to age in place, on their own terms.

At least 70% of people 65 and older will require some type of home care. With a population of 72 million seniors projected by 2025, your potential market could be huge. When you reach out to the CareBuilders at Home franchise development team, we can work with you to determine the potential of your desired home care franchise market. The market for home healthcare franchises is steadily growing and you can join the industry now and start reaping the rewards sooner, rather than later.

You Can Provide Good Jobs in Your Community When They Are Needed the Most

Any new business brings new jobs to a community, and many cities are desperate to increase economic activity. You have the chance to be a part of that growth by opening a CareBuilders at Home healthcare franchise in your community. There are quite a few compassionate professionals who need work. And there are many seniors who need care. Bring those groups together.

By partnering with CareBuilders at Home, you can provide high-quality jobs to those who need them while mitigating your own risk. Each of our franchise partners hires the caregivers who will operate within their franchise territory, but the CareBuilders at Home corporate team handles human resources and is the employer of record for each caregiver. That means you won’t be responsible for HR disputes, employee tax documentation or calculating weekly payroll. It’s a win-win.

The first step to entering the home care franchise industry is reaching out to CareBuilders at Home to get more information about our proven franchise model. You can take that step today to start capitalizing on the growing home healthcare franchise market.