As you consider starting a home healthcare business with us, we will use our years of industry experience to determine if you are an ideal franchise partner for CareBuilders at Home. Read on to discover what we’re looking for during the mutual evaluation process. 

Are You Motivated by Caring?

Care is at the core of everything CareBuilders at Home does. It’s important that our franchise partners also live up to this value. That’s why we look for caring leaders who have the compassion required to work in the home care industry. Many of our franchise partners were inspired to start a home care agency because of their personal experiences making home care decisions for loved ones. For these franchise partners, caring comes easily because they’ve been on the other side of the experience.

Other franchise partners are drawn to the home care industry because they simply connect with seniors and understand the value of wisdom and experience. There are plenty of other reasons that starting a home healthcare business is right for you, but it’s crucial for CareBuilders at Home franchise partners to be motivated by caring.

Do You Have Leadership Experience?

Before you start a home healthcare business with CareBuilders at Home, it’s important that you already have the leadership skills to run your own home care agency. Many of our franchise partners don’t come to us with experience in the home care industry, but they do bring leadership experience.

CareBuilders at Home franchise partners start their home care agencies with knowledge on how to guide teams, hire staff and manage day-to-day operations. If you already have these skills, it could be time for you to start a home healthcare business with CareBuilders at Home.

 Have You Mastered Communication Skills?

Each CareBuilders at Home franchise partner speaks to different audiences every day, making superior communication skills a must. Once you start your home healthcare business, you will connect with prospective clients and their families, referral sources, current clients, caregivers and an office staff in order to operate—and grow—your business. Being able to help families make tough decisions, build professional relationships and manage employees all require top-notch communication skills.

Are You Financially Prepared?

It takes financial resources to start any business, including a home care agency franchise. CareBuilders at Home works with prospective franchise partners to make sure you have the capital and funding you need to make your initial investment, which will range from $98,900 – $152,500*. We do this by assessing both your net worth and liquid capital to make sure you are ready to take on business ownership.

If you are motivated by caring, have executive leadership skills, are a communication dynamo and are financially prepared, we encourage you to take a deeper dive into the CareBuilders at Home franchise opportunity.


*Please see 2020 FDD for more information