CareBuilders at Home franchise partners directly benefit from our decades of experience in hiring caregivers and finding clients. When you partner with us, we will pass on all of our knowledge, enabling you to grow your senior care franchise.

Finding Perfect Caregivers

For any business owner, hiring is crucial. But making smart hiring decisions is even more important for senior care franchise owners who have to trust their caregivers to visit clients in their homes. When you franchise with CareBuilders at Home, we give you the information and resources to recruit—and retain—trustworthy, qualified caregivers.

It Starts with Recruitment-Specific Training

During your franchise partner training, we teach you everything you need to know about recruitment. We start with the basics, including the size staff you will need and the experience you’re looking for. Then we will dive into the operational specifics of crafting accurate job postings and working with CareBuilders at Home’s corporate team to manage job boards. As your partner, we make sure you have the tools you need to recruit qualified caregivers.

CareBuilders at Home Keeps Caregivers

In addition to helping franchise partners find the perfect caregivers, we also help you retain the ones you hire. Thanks to our second-to-none back-office support, you have the resources to pay every caregiver, every week. This is because instead of you spending your valuable time on the phone with insurance providers and billing agencies, corporate handles invoicing and floats payroll until you receive payment.

Finding Perfect Clients

Now that you have perfect caregivers, they need some clients to care for. When it comes to helping you find clients, CareBuilders at Home gives you all the tools you need build your business.

Franchise Training with the Client in Mind

The CareBuilders at Home training program emphasizes the importance of putting clients first. That’s because we know we are interacting with our clients during a vulnerable time. So, we do everything we can to make choosing home care and accepting assistance as easy as possible. This is why clients choose CareBuilders at Home; we approach each situation with care and compassion.

Make the Most of Marketing

Marketing is important to the growth of any business, including your senior care franchise. The CareBuilders at Home corporate team will help you with marketing by providing you access to a library of collateral and by building national brand recognition. We also host frequent calls with our franchise partners to discuss business strategies, including marketing, and for franchise partners to learn from one another.

Reaching Out to Referral Sources

Utilizing your referral sources is another way to find the perfect clients for your senior care franchise. As you work with your CareBuilders at Home franchise development representative to determine the best territory for your senior care franchise, we will assess how many hospitals, nursing homes and other possible referral sources are in your area. As a franchise partner, you will build relationships with these organizations. This will encourage them to refer clients who need care and assistance to your senior care franchise and help you grow your clientele.

If you are ready to dive into the senior care industry by franchising with CareBuilders at Home, reach out for more information.