There are quite a few factors that determine if your territory is ready for a CareBuilders at Home franchise. Firstly, it needs a caring leader like yourself to dive into franchise ownership. CareBuilders at Home also has proven, tested criteria that we’ve determined to be necessary to successfully maintain a home care business. These criteria include the number of seniors and number of medical facilities in your territory.

Number of Residents 65+

Does Your Territory Have 35,000+ People 65 and Older?

Most CareBuilders at Home clients are senior citizens who need our assistance to maintain their independent lifestyles while they age at home with dignity. So, it is crucial that the markets we are in have a sizable population of seniors. CareBuilders at Home will work with you to determine if your prospective territory is ready for a CareBuilders at Home care business; but exploring U.S. Census data can give you a good idea whether your area has a sizable potential client base for your home care business.

Does Your Territory Have At Least 20 Hospitals?

Hospitals and other medical facilities are the number one referral source for most home care businesses including CareBuilders at Home. That’s why we make sure our franchises are in markets that will allow our franchise partners to make the most of an established healthcare industry; so, we take into account the number of hospitals and medical facilities in an individual territory. Many cities and regions have thriving healthcare sectors and franchising with CareBuilders at Home will allow you to benefit from the growing industry.

In addition to looking at the number of hospitals, the CareBuilders at Home franchise development team also considers the number of assisted living facilities, partial care or full care, that are in your desired territory.

Number of Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Design Your Own Territory with CareBuilders at Home

While we do have certain markers we look for in each potential CareBuilders at Home territory, we also place a lot of trust in our franchise partners; we know that you are the expert on your area or region. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all CareBuilders at Home franchise territory.

Unlike other home care franchises, we work with each of our franchise partners to determine the size, location and home base for your franchise territory. We bring our proven territory criteria to the table and pair it with your knowledge of your city or town. This combination sets your home care business up for success.

If you are ready to start working with the CareBuilders at Home franchise development team to design your territory, now is the time to reach out for more information. We look forward to speaking with you and determining what it will take for your territory to meet the proven CareBuilders at Home criteria.