As Black History Month comes to a close, we want to honor the many accomplishments of Black business owners by highlighting one of our very own, Nicole Kennedy, who has been running her own business since 2017. Nicole made a big career change when she decided to franchise with CareBuilders — she spent 15 years as a geophysicist before joining the home care industry.

Nicole Kennedy, CareBuilders at Home Franchisee

“It was a total pivot in careers, becoming an entrepreneur.” Nicole said. “[But franchising with CareBuilders put me] in charge of my own destiny.”

Despite the change, Nicole was well prepared to step into an industry that centers on caring for others. She grew up watching her parents, both eldest children, take care of their 19 younger siblings. As she began researching what type of franchise she would like to invest in, all signs were pointing toward an industry that allowed her to care for others. It was that factor, along with the comprehensive back office support and care for franchisees provided by CareBuilders at Home that ultimately helped Nicole make her decision.

“The corporate office still maintains caring about your people, not just being a business,” Nicole said. “They care about their owners and they care about the business as well, and they always maintain the people side of it.”

Working with CareBuilders at Home has allowed Nicole to work with all different types of people, many of whom she said she would not have crossed paths with in her previous profession. The job also comes with uniquely rewarding moments, such as providing much-needed relief to the family members of elderly people who may be struggling to fully support them.

“When I get that ‘thank you, you sent the perfect person!’ message it’s like, ‘yes! I did it!’” Nicole says.

For her, those breakthrough moments with her clients make all the hard work worth it.

For more information on this exciting franchise opportunity, feel free to reach out for more information. We would love to hear from you!