We’re a little more than halfway through 2021 and as we emerge from a period of time filled with unprecedented challenges, we couldn’t be more excited for our clients and what we have ahead as a company. Our mission has always been to provide the best homecare solutions to our clients, and we’ve spent the last year developing and perfecting new programs and technologies to make our clients’ lives happier and healthier.

Right now, the CareBuilders at Home team is focused on rolling out our Wellness Program. Its brand-new and cutting-edge voice activated technology allows us to serve our clients like never before. This technology allows individuals to use their television sets to video chat with their families (a much better option than a phone or tablet screen for those with vision challenges) or to interact with other program members with various virtual programs. As we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic we’re more aware of the importance of these opportunities to connect with loved ones than ever before.

Beyond an extension of our usual services and this exciting new technology, the Wellness Program subscribers will also have access to advanced care options such as a 15-minute check-in and chat call, errand assistance, medication reminders, personal care visits and more.

We also have advanced personal emergency response options available to put our clients and their families at ease for those moments when they’re alone and may need help, including a system to detect when a user has fallen. This system automatically notifies emergency authorities of the incident and the client’s location.

Our team works hard to ensure our clients are living the quality of life they deserve. In addition to providing homecare services, CareBuilders at Home is rolling out new programs such as a transition program to help individuals adjust to an assisted living program with as much dignity and comfort as possible. Stay tuned as we will be sharing more information soon.

If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Program and franchising with CareBuilders at Home, reach out for more information. Our team would be happy to provide more information.

All the best,

David Savitsky

CEO, CareBuilders at Home