It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and then, soon, Christmas! This is a great time for family bonding and memory making, even if you may not be able to do the things that you used to be able to do. If you remember, I did something similar for Halloween. So here are some accessible holiday activities that you can do for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s a big disclaimer over this whole post that this will vary depending on your abilities and the age of your grandchildren. As a result, I’m covering multiple activities that will appeal to various ability levels, so you’ll still be able to find something. You may also need assistance from another adult, which is alright! There’s no shame in that, and that’s simply more fun to go around.

A tiny Santa hat rests amongst white icicle lights.

No Bake Cookies

You may not feel safe using an oven, and your grandkids may be too young to operate an oven. No bake cookie recipes are pretty common now, and very easy to find online. And no bake desserts in general are just as fun to make as the kind you bake in an oven. Bonus points if you’re doing this to participate in a cookie swap (it doesn’t even have to be yours, it could be your grandkids’ event).

Charitable Giving

I like this one a lot because there are so many options depending on what you can do. You can do something like go through your closets together for a coat drive, or donate canned food to a canned food drive, or put together packages for Toys For Tots. If you’re able to do more hands-on volunteering together, that’s great, too!

Movie Marathon

This can be a great intergenerational exchange! Each person picks a favorite Christmas movie, and you all can even add in a new movie that none of you have ever seen before. I’m a Hallmark Christmas movie addict, myself, but my favorite Christmas flicks are Klaus and White Christmas. I also love the Polar Express. If you’re looking for suggestions, that is.

Thanks for reading, and comment down below what you like to do with your family down below.

Written by Brigid Stakelum