We have talked a lot about clients here on the blog, but not today. Today I’m going to talk about caregivers, specifically what we look for in caregivers and where you can apply to join us. At CareBuilders, we are always hiring!

Who Are We Looking For?

Everyone. Ok blog post over.

No, just kidding (kind of). We have a variety of clients who have a variety of needs, and we likewise hire caregivers of many different needs, skills, and ability levels. Are you a nursing student who can only work part-time? Are you a long-time CNA who wants to work full-time? Are you someone with a background in homemaking who wants to help cook and clean for clients? Do you need full-time work that coincides with your children’s school and daycare? We have caregivers right now who fit all of these descriptions.

Even if you are not a CNA or nursing student, we can still find work for you with our clients. This is one of the benefits of us providing non-medical homecare. Of course, we will not assign you to a client that needs care that CNAs are trained to provide, but if you can cook or clean well, we have clients who need that. We also hire caregivers who have experience as family caregivers, even if that’s not something they were paid to do. We have many caregivers who have a variety of different backgrounds!

Is This Part-Time or Full-Time Position?

It can be either one. We have people who work only evenings, or only on weekends. We also have caregivers who work 40 hours a week. It depends on your schedule, and while the office does handle scheduling, the office works with you to build your schedule. We are constantly looking for your feedback in how many shifts you want, which clients you do and don’t like to go to, and what you like to do. For example, if you tell the office that you hate cooking or aren’t very good at it, but you like personal care, then we will make sure your clients are more personal care-heavy clients.

Where Do I Apply?

Call us at (502) 458-2273 or apply today here.