Inclusion is a core part of our care at CareBuilders at Home Louisville. We train our caregivers on how to be inclusive and respectful of their clients in all aspects of their caregiving. LGBTQ+ inclusion is no different. Everyone belongs here, and we do not judge. We also empower our clients to have input in their caregivers., and to let us know of any issues that may arise. We take care of all of our clients, and we are deeply concerned if they feel like they are being excluded.

We also encourage our caregivers to always have an open mind when dealing with their clients, and they know that their care is centered around the client. The inclusion of a client is a key part of their care. This is something that is important to us.

Arm with a rainbow wristband holding a rainbow flag.

Rainbow Gay Pride Parade, Dublin, Ireland.

We practice inclusion every single day of the year, not just during Pride Month. So if you have any questions regarding setting up care with us, please call us today at (502) 458-2273. Are you an ally who is getting into caregiving? You can call that same number today and inquire about job opportunities! We are always hiring.