It’s a new year, and that leads to a lot of reflections, and I think that should extend to our homes. It’s very easy for older adults to accumulate clutter in their homes, especially if they’ve lived in one place for several years. Here’s a few tips on how to rid your house of clutter in the new year.

Consignment Shops

The traditional way of getting rid of clutter, consignment shops, are available right here in Louisville. Older adults may have trouble getting to a store and lifting things in and out of their cars. No worries, because a caregiver can help! If you already have a caregiver who helps you run errands, this can just be one extra errand on the list. If you don’t have a caregiver, you can hire one to help with your errands, including going to Half Price Books or Goodwill.

I’ve also bought from ThredUp, an online consignment shop that sends you a label and you ship clothing to be sold right to them. They’ll pay you in cash or store credit.

Shelters and Food Banks

Women’s shelters are always looking for donations, so if you’re looking to donate clothing rather than sell it, I would look at donating them to a local shelter. You can also donate non-expired canned goods; I know those can really add up quickly in pantries.

Facebook Marketplace

You can also sell or give away items on Facebook Marketplace. This may mean that people come to your house to pick those items up, though. So it may not be that appealing to you.

I hope that some of these options are helpful to you and your loved ones in your quest to declutter your homes. I will see you all soon!