You might not be a New Year’s Resolution type of person, but it can be really good to reflect on your year. Here are some end of year reflections you can do, to set up your 2023. These are very broad questions and some directions you can take your responses in, but that is not mandatory. The goal here is to set up your 2023 to be a good year. A lot of these questions focus on change, which I know some of us are resistant to, but it is important to maintianing our quality of life as we get older.

What Brought Me Joy This Year?

This is one of the most fun reflections that you can do at the end of the year. The answer here can be really specific, like “my robot vacuum” (mine is a lifesaver, no judgement) or broad like “spending time with my grandkids.” Think about how you can incorporate more of what gave you joy into your life in 2023. To go with the grandkids example, maybe you want to schedule more regular time with them, like having one day a month with them doing a certain activity. Or, if they’re old enough, talk to their parents about doing sleepovers at your house once or twice. And if you put down something specific, like me with my robot vacuum, I don’t think incorporating that joy into your life means buying more vacuums. Think about why that item brings you joy. For me, it is one less chore off my plate, so I might think about how I can better balance my chores in my house between my partner and me.

What Was I Struggling to Do This Year and Why?

Take some time to reflect on how you’ve been spending your time. Has cooking become too much for you? Why is that, fatigue or a chronic medical condition? What solutions could work for you? Would hiring a caregiver help you, or would something like a meal kit be a better option? If your trouble is with the cooking itself, a caregiver to come cook for you may be most useful. If it’s hard to figure out what to cook, a meal kit may be a better solution. Is there anything else that has become difficult for you to do?

Is My Home Livable as I Get Older?

One important aspect of living at home as you get older is that you have to make sure that it is safe before you even considering leaving or staying. Go through Silvert’s home safety checklist with a friend and make sure you are keeping yourself safe. You do not want to put yourself at risk for a fall in the new year.

Do I Have Any Big Events That I Want Help Attending or Hosting?

One thing to start thinking about early in the year is about whether or not you have events that you want to attend or host. Step two is making arrangements for any help that you will need. It’s best to start thinking about that early. Are there any weddings or graduations that you will be attending? Was hosting the winter holidays more tiring than it usually is? Do you want to hold parties at your house over the summer? Reflecting on the toll these events took on you (or didn’t take on you) will help you prepare for the coming year.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve, and happy holidays! I hope you found these reflections helpful!